Ankytrixx @ Aurus (Mumbai)

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Club Reviews
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Naughty by nature is the only way to describe turbo boy: Ankytrixx.

A Deep, luscious warm up set was provided by one of the most promising upcoming artists in the dance music circuit: Arijit who goes by the dj name of Helium Project. His tunes went in from a Deep to Tech House vibe giving you the grooves with Acapella samples on to an edgier Techno blend right to the time where it all went up tempo for the energy of Ankytrixx, Helium truly leaves many gasping for breath and his music transcends the wicked.

Ankit’s night at Aurus recently, had all of us in a grip of complete euphoria, apart from the fact that he jumped so high at his console that the speakers gave way.  So goes the mark of a true performer that plays music to entertain and has that bucketful of magic that converts every audience to fall at his wake, truly a package of Progressive & Tech trouble. (He is a name to reckon with in Psychedelic Trance as well and his sets are talked about with much respect, to veer off a bit). I have watched this very boy from close range many years now and his style of music has remained fresh, always weaving sounds cleverly along with mixing skills above par making him one of the most formidable talents in India. Rarely have I seen Ankytrixx giving less than a top- notch performance and his set at Aurus proves and encompasses all this, that when one play’s music like he does, one cannot but feel less than touched by perfection to a dance till you drop set. Melodies infused into pumping bass lines that makes one want to jump to touch the ceiling to the incredible power he exudes from behind the console, is manna from heaven for every club head. I am always catatonic with delight whenever he takes to the stage and this night was no different.

Having said that, Aurus tries the restaurant cum lounge conversion to a club vibe every Friday night, it can work wonderfully if they do a bit more towards creating that feel, if they were to maybe change a chunk of the existing set up to compliment the artists that perform.. I can’t help but feel that I am dancing in someone’s dining room and see diners while we are going insane dancing. To add to that there are a zillion guests hurrying past to relieve their bladders and the console lies right in the path of the rest rooms. Help I say!!

They do have a Friday night lineup featuring quite a lot of new talent on the block, so somewhere to go for many. The smoking area out front over looking the beach is cozy and looks pretty with a slightly Arabian nights feel to it, a Mediterranean menu captures the heart much more than what’s inside, so great going there.

Ankytrixx gave everyone a cardiac arrest, nearly. I am home trying to get over the night, still.

Cheeriooo lovelies…

To make matters musical, download Ankytrixx’s set.


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