Sasha at Blue Frog(Mumbai)

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Club Reviews

I am a dance head, way too long my lovelies so forgive my snotty disposition when I get out in my finery, to sample the party experiences I’ve had to suffer at. Oh there have been times of extreme euphoria, but too far and in between sigh!!

No matter, these smoky interiors still enthrall me nearly two decades now, like I have just started anew.

So, I kinda feel like sharing all those outings like an excited child and hope to god all you ladies listen (includes the metro-sexual males in there too) I hear them boys get pedicures and tweeze their eye brows these days.

Talking about getting tweezed gets me all warmed up to the topic of the night at a hot spot in town, which hosted a mighty name in dance music; the legend Sasha.

I’m proud to say that the opening set was played by one of my favorite djs of all time Ash, he is part of one of the most popular Electronic acts India has ever produced, Jalebee Cartel.

He got right down to the business of getting us quivering folks up with fluff and no further ado…. melodies infused in Progressive warmth turned me up alright.

By the time Sasha sashayed into the console, we were all candy at Ash’s hands.

What followed, gob-smacked me into a shivering bundle of disbelieve, I know Sasha as one of the most prolific djs and I myself have been swayed to a mushy lump with compilations of the grandeur of Involver 1 & 2, his mixes from Global Underground are gold and some such, but he disappointed a lot of us with his demeanor which was far from sunny and his tracks selection was at best frustratingly soporific and short of mindless, it was like taking a ride on a tortoise at 2 p.m god almighty. What gets my goat here, is that time and time again, I have witnessed international acts of repute come to India and they end up dishing out sub-standard performances and that we wouldn’t be knowing Jack. But some of us do, so give us the goods gentlemen or ladies for that matter…ohh Sophie Sugar, now that’s a dj. Truly a night of magic, a night worthy of writing about, which I shall come to another time.

Now, Sasha does do the opening act to perfection, plus there was a brief period of time in the set where he unleashed some biggies, that was right about the time when the cops showed their might at closing the place down, yes right when one is about to swoon in delight. Full marks to Frog for hosting this event; needless to say I am a froggy for life.

I say, it was a night of fun and frolic overall… but one thing is for sure if someone ask’s me to party at peak time with Sasha, I’d rather get me self a ride on a tortoise har har har!!

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