Nick Warren & Sanjay Dutta(opening set) @ Blue Frog (Mumbai)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Club Reviews
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Hello dearies,

My party meter went right up for this one, Nick Warren performing at unarguably the best venue in town is truly a huge deal, I mean what can possibly go wrong with this combination, to put the cherry on the dance wagon our very own Beast from the East Sanjay Dutta with the opening set for a stalwart Dj. Absolute heaven!

Hark!  There in I decided that I am going to come up with some nasty moves on the floor, with all my favorite bunnies in the house as well…

Sanjay Dutta celebrates 20 years of a gargantuan career in making people dance, a pure revolutionary in Progressive House. His warm up set for Nick Warren was blissed out fun for us happy people and the stage set with screaming heads to welcome the Way Out West giant.

Nick Warren’s Global Underground compilations Live at Paris, Budapest, Reykjavik & Shanghai to name a few, are collectors’ item for me. Check the official Global underground website for more details on his compilations:

Now Nick Warren is a sweet man and an intelligent performer in the world of House music, and the tunes he churned out one after the other were fluffy, fantastic goodies but an hour in a half into the set a certain inertia started to creep in no matter how I tried to move every conceivable part of my body to show I care, waves of lethargy took me by a strangle hold and I went into a kind of disbelief at the boredom his music started to generate in me…..

Nick Warren reached a plateau from which he refused to advance that which is called Progression. That’s what Progressive House stands for it surely has to lead you from one level to another to ultimately a higher level of consciousness, as I know it.

Sadly, an average outing for the gentleman.

But wait, I am not finished yet….i still tried valiantly to wiggle all I got but my night with Nick Warren came to a complete halt when Yeke Yeke screeched out from the speakers, I mean I know this track as a pop hit from the 90’s but to hear it in the 21st century is taking it a bit far, he might as well drop Macarena in while he’s at it.  I’m all up for an anthem to be dropped in a fresh basket of choons, but this was beyond my comprehension, no matter he remains one fabulous producer and dj in dance land.

I had a good time cause Blue Frog is absolutely smashing, but somehow I always come out wanting and craving for musical goodness, can’t help I am a spoilt munkey.

Oh well….Yeke Yeke and Waka Waka to all of you, have a great week!!

  1. Aliya says:

    waka waka dancing sister, i agree with your observation, and love the way you write 🙂 .. i think Sanjay did a better job, albeit a bit dark, but did take us places that were very interesting .. though meeting nick warren was i think, a great moment in me life 🙂 .. keep dancing munkey, keep writing, keep shining!

  2. Sanjay says:

    Nick Warren is a legend. The expectations were too high actually. I expect nothing short of magic from Nick. Having said that, i totally agree that ‘yeke yeke’ is a strange track for a full on progressive night with a ‘NICK WARREN’ behind the console.
    Personally, i am in awe of this legend so cant really analyze/criticize anything he does. I would overlook all his mistakes. He will remain my favourite dj forever 🙂
    I had fun though and YES….. it was an average outing (musically).

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