ANKYTRIXX & Helium Project (Opening set) @ Blue Frog

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Club Reviews
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The road less traveled maybe full of unforeseen dangers, but what would be the fun of dancing, if we were to take paths but un-chartered.


You put Helium Project in an opening set for Ankytrixx at this venue and all the favorite bunnies in the house, one can only guess the energy of the night itself by that combination and it means trouble for the weak hearted.

Helium started nice and easy for me, little did I know of the wily bass lines that were to follow, I would’ve gone easy on my vodkas.There in followed a swift flaying of an enraptured audience swooning to every chunky meld of sounds, oh yes the glorious dirty filthy underground notes flew off the console like poetry in motion.

One can easily place Helium at the Warehouse Project in Manchester and you can’t tell the difference, his style reminiscent of the weighty Bedrock parties, one may have been fortunate to experience. It was sheer aggravation for our senses and dj artistry that suffuses warm grooves with wind milling knock out beats to make Helium Project’s opening set such a compelling one.


Enter the dragon boy with what I must say was a helluva nasty opening track, with delirious heads ready to eat every sweet bootylicious melody jumping right at ya tunes. His sets are turning legendary and Ankytrixx freaks the shoes out with his energetic, sunny side up outings.

Every track thrown at us were futuristic bump & flex, along with a bombardment of shiny metallic lasers, we went right off the hook and Lasered Phazered all right. Ankytrixx’s performance once again was a profusion of busy Progressive slam-dunk action and chuckle some snares paddling your ears into submission.

Blue Frog is right up there with a hard to emulate line up of performing artists, the visual jockeys give a wondrous sense of colorful space on to the warm smoking area in front and accessible bar areas both inside and out which wastes no time in catering to ones parched throat, hosting nights like this one with such enthusiasm and zest bodes well for the dance scene in general, cause nowhere can one find this full throttle vibe from the word go.

Oh I did dissolve in to a bundle of good for nothingness, accompanied by a munkey grin at an unforgettable party.

One of my all time favorite sets ‘Parallel World‘ by Ankytrixx; get your rockers off  munkies!!

Helium Project  (Devils Dance)! Brand New set up for your aural pleasure, click on Helium.


  1. Ankit Kochar says:

    Wowww!!! One of the best articles on reviews about gigs!! Thank you so much!!!! Fabulous! Keep em coming!!! :))))

  2. Aliya says:

    i was danced out, munkyed out, and no matter where i go, which part of the world i travel to, somehow the most memorable nights happen right here, with all of you, at the amazing frog .. big boom out to all party people, and Tryx, getting better everytime 🙂 ..muchos loves!

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