Growing up in the 90’s was super fun. To me and many of my friends who were just about starting out to be club bunnies, we look back to see that they were the most fertile years in dance music history. A foundation had been laid by the producers and djs of the international dance scene then, to which current standards try to reach out to, today.

My first encounter with club & trance tunes came, picking cds up of US house and techno, quite by chance. I didn’t know at the time, that US party music would influence the British club scene to such an extent that, the reverberations would be felt as far as the sub continent and thank god for that! What would I be, if it were not for those tracks that hit my sensory spots and made me to the person I am, now.

However several of these tracks are hard to find, I wish I had done more to preserve my copies.

So I thought it’d be a munkey thing to do by listing those evergreen candies for fun and classic remembrance that still sound like bombs, I wonder if anyone would be brave enough to put the record on,in a club today…

Hope all  you club heads will have fun remembering these like I had jotting them down….

Your Love/ Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle– an ever-shiny vinyl that can easily be termed the first house track.

Move Your Body/ Marshall Jefferson– he is one of the original acid house producers and this track makes me feel luscious.

Love Can’t Turn Around/ Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk– it’s a cover version of Isaac Hayes’ a Chicago topper that made global impact.

Jack Your Body/ Steve Silk Hurley- this track makes me split a smile with its jacking repetitive taunt, still.

Strings Of Life/ Rhythim Rhythim– no one can make them like this anymore, a tune to remember.

Big Fun/ Inner City– techno monster if ever there was one.

Voodoo Ray/ A Guy Named Gerald– marvelous then as now.

French Kiss/ Lil Louis– featuring an orgasmic breakdown that got all of us going all right and has the power to do the same till date.

Pacific/ 808 State– extravagant beats & rainy samples one all time favorite.

Tears/ Frankie Knuckles– one of the finest house tracks for me, do any of you know that the key- boards played in this track are from a biggie in international dance music now, Satoshi Tomiie

Energy Flash/ Beltram– a dance till you drop, biggie.

Little Fluffy Clouds/ The Orb– tripped out ambient massive this one.

People Are Still Having Sex/La Tour– soulful masculine rant makes this, a super sexy must have.

Stage One/ Space Manoeuvres- this spacy dark beauty, will never go out of style.

Rhapsody In Venice/ Pablo Gargano– this one feels like I am going at hyper speed, it has a trippy sample by gosh!

Heaven Scent/ Bedrock– one of the greatest percussive melodies makes this a mega tune.

Greece 2000/ Three Drives on A Vinyl– classic from the Netherlands duo, can’t get enough of this huge choon.

Summersault/ Taste Experience– vocals from Natasha Pearl evoke goose bumps, till date.

Narayana/ Prodigy– the aggression couldn’t be tempered with this one.

CallingYour Name/ Libra fea. Taylor; no tune can get bigger than this summery melancholy behemoth.

Carte Blanche/ Veracocha- a goliath with reduce to tears breakdown.

Synaesthesia/ the Thrillseekers fea. Sheryl Deane– legendary big bang to cover my heart.

I Need Your Lovin/ Marc Et Claude– make no mistake about its mushy lyric, this is an anthem the size of Mars.

El Nino/ El Nino– a sliding down the bend roller coaster ride, this one.

So goes on and on……there are so many others….don’t think I can put them all down in one life-time….but the above mentioned records are all from the naughty 90’s…maybe I’ll do another post to cover some more beauties later on..

So great stuff and most of all unforgettable….

Weekend coming up sweeties…gonna get my groove on!!

  1. arijit says:

    I cant even explain how beautiful these set of tracks are, unbelievable production value.
    Dance Munkey has selected some of the finest cult classics, tracks like Elnino
    Heaven Scent, CallingYour Name, Your Love are larger than life.

    Super selection priya…keep them coming. Revives so many memories of club life back in the days!!


  2. Ashish Awasthi says:


  3. I agree, most of the tracks you mentioned are solid gold especially the likes of Voodoo ray(i forgot when i heard it last,youtubin it now),greece 2000,calling your name,synaesthsia,Narayana,carte blanche,heaven scent (Yes i am a tranceaddict!!)
    i know how hard it is to choose a few favs from so many amazing dance tunes over the years but u seem to have done it justice (i wouldve added a few more though..but thats IMO)

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