ANDREA BERTOLINI(Italy) @ Zenzi Mills (Mumbai)

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Entertainment
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I had massive fun at this one unlike clubbers who were sadly let down at Infected Mushroom in Pune last week. I mean we are so last century folks, the authorities govern a musical at 10 p.m and tell us we cannot dance or scream our intestines off at our favorite artist performing, oh yes Infected still has the power to reduce people to a heap of happy people…… Anyway, I hear apparently the organizers of this particular event may not have procured the relevant licenses to host this event in question. Bloody hell! Tickets were sold, people were screaming their arses off cause the club was told to shut down barely minutes into the mighty Infected Mushrooms toes even settled on stage. More importantly, I wonder if people got their money back. Organizers should really pull their socks up to this hideous display of un-professionalism, makes us a laughing stock internationally.

Mumbai, I hear was a different story, clubbers got a treat all right.

To get on with it, my toes didn’t get to settle either at Zenzi Mills, cause I had my device blown off to bits, with Andrea Bertolini; brought to us by (Air Snare Recs & Hybrid UV)- oh boy was he was a revelation! Sure I know his golden productions, but hearing him play at a set like he did woweeee bunnies, I am sold.

Mikhail the resident dj at Mills played a sweet, warm up set to stoke me to a god damn toast with his Tech- House specialty. He is quiet as they come, but don’t mistake that for the world, he gets naughty by jove! Mikhail’s spin favorites are: Kliniek- Dj Madskillz, Jungle- Mijail & Victor Vera and Handsome- District One to name a few.

Andrea got on with the vibe and said to hell with it boys & girls off you go to the moon and back sometime about 1.30. We are living in the cave ages my fellow munkies, I mean which club is supposed to shut down at that unearthly hour.

Senor Bertolini rinsed us out with heaps of glitchy vocals, driving murky Progressive sounds blended in to Techno cuts, in one huge wave of the finest productions from that side of the equator. It included his productions and such; Clouds- Andrea Bertolini & Hatfield (Vocal mix), Conscido- Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner (Org mix), Purple Sunset- Worakls (Andrea Bertolini rmx) & Novarupta- Serge Devant (Org mix). Top stuff, dahlings!

Zenzi Mills has a teeny bopperish vibe in Room 1 on a Saturday night, constrained for space dance area with an un-necessarily big bar taking centre stage, but what the hell they sure go right up the radar for me by hosting djs such as Bertolini, top it with Funktion One sound and you have surging aural pleasure. Zenzi Mills is very much in the scheme of things in nightlife Mumbai with top young talent as featured performers and add to that repertoire, international names as well on a pretty regular basis. Big thumbs up to them, it’s a place to be dancing at, surely.

Andrea Bertolini is busy as a bee over the weekend with the India tour duckies, if any of you happen to be in these cities Chandigarh, Hyderabad & lastly Chennai, put the tight stuff on, go for it.

  1. dj chinx says:

    nice reviews..gud stuff priya 🙂

  2. Samyuktha says:

    Nice one Pri!!! Wish I was there with you dancing away….He is playing at Pasha this Sunday…will miss it tho! M is playing too with him! 🙂

  3. Samyuktha says:

    Nice one Pri! I wish I was there dancing with you….he is playing at Pasha this Sunday…..! Manny is playing too with him! 🙂 btw love the new blog design!

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