Hello bunnies….I have had a most exciting weekend.

Great music is releasing back once again and my heart is beating faster at the prospect of hearing productions that makes one want to leap. 2010 is turning out to be a dancers paradise must say. Of course not to forget the only decider of the djs worth comes from when you show how much you like the artist, with your feet.
Allow me to introduce southern sensation Shiva Moon!
My feet were moon walking to space and I didn’t want to come down. Shiva is no stranger to, playing massive sets and this one had the requisite kick you in the face vibe, of which I’d only heard about, now experienced.
Boy, did he make us dance like no ones watching. Dirty, filthy Tech House roared out of the speakers, un-forgivingly and went on to Acid Main room Techno, from the baby faced marauder.
Helium Project did the opening honors and somewhere in the middle too. He is the rising sun in the dance horizon.
Trippy, melancholy vocals of Trentemoller’s dark classic ‘Moan’ warmed the proceedings and then came the blitzkrieg of Techno sweltering wonders making us work that booty, in a all hell breaks loose way. Some top class productions by biggies James Zabiela, D-Nox, Dmitri, Erphun, Spartaque were webbed together in a mammoth uplifting underground carnage to which we all surrendered without a squeak.
Somewhere in between my ears perked up to this funny tidbit that Helium had to contend with, an enthusiastic clubber came right up to the dj in question and said to him ‘Hey you, can we have some Guetta like dance numbers’ hehehe for the uninitiated let me tell you…. Blasphemy! It’s like telling 50 Cents crew to spin out Flight 643 by demi-god Tiesto, while we were all in electronic lava like heaven. I don’t understand how one can go and request a dj for a song it’s so last century, if I like a track so damn much I would reserve that for my home audio system, don’t you think..Bizarre really, party etiquettes to be learnt folks.
Nearing closing time; we had to contend with Shiva Moon’s re-appearance in the
console with myriad commanding cuts all the way to the end. Zenzi Mills Room 2 with its cozy dance space hosted the two djs in a front to back format and it was lovely to destroy the floor while Helium Project & Shiva Moon gave each other a run for their money laced in Funktion One sound and us mumbling dancemunkeys, feet shoveling slaves.
A special mention for Aliya- my dancing goddess, Dash in Bangkok who has been my partner in crime on many dance jaunts, the beast from the east- who showed me the way to party, Karan Jaiswal- tough guy in Australia, Sejal- who I can’t do without, Alpana- I truly love this dance bunny, Ankit- monster boy in the mountains, Low-Key- my Santa Claus from Pune & Sam in Chennai- hmmrphh munkey girl….you guys were sorely missed during the club erupt.

Almost Perfecto!!

As usual, in the goody bag section I’ve put a download link of Technoid heaven from Helium Project, watch this space for an exclusive mix by Shiva Moon, that’ll be up as soon as he is good enough to send it to me.. 🙂

Helium Project Guestmix on satoradio.com

  1. Samyuktha says:

    Yup – its quite the same when he plays at Chennai too….but sounds like Mumbai was more exciting! And you always dance like no one’s watching anyways coz you’re the munkey remember??? 😉

  2. Samyuktha says:

    And….just you wait, one day I shall come to Mumbai and tizzy so much that you will personally dump me on a plane and get rid of me!!!

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