The sun is playing hide & seek with us and so are the Djs.

Brilliance is going peek-a-boo at me. I don’t know what it is with top Djs of the world on a Yeke Yeke trip, makes me wonder if the track is really a diamond in the rough.

So well D-Nox is charismatic, handsome as a monkey and has sounds of wickedness to boot. Now, was it enough to conquer my heart? Yes I think so.

D-Nox in short happened to be brilliant the first 45 minutes of his set. The bass lines were carefully crafted to suit our mood, which was electric to begin with. No-one can doubt that his console presence is the bomb, Tech goodness flowed from his hips that made all of us groove hard and kick up dust on the floor. He has definitely moved on to a new sound, as compared to what he played 2 years ago.

Great productions were on show case, including some of his own and time flew fast, till a plateau of staccato beats was reached and then it just refused to go any further for me. Again, I seem to be on loop about this, but there has to be a journey created where the only way is up. Hence-forth, the organizers should really pay attention to club timings in India and notify the artist of the same, so the performer has the luxurious choice to go all guns blazing…and for that he needs to be aware that closing time comes hard and fast. Here in India we do not have let’s say a 6 a.m shut down; what a yummy thought that.

So an artist does the home work to play sets that in short create a journey for the clubber, and in the process makes sure it is peak time music.

Legendary names such as John Digweed, Dave Seaman & Josh Wink to name a few are all top of the heap as far as creating tightly woven musical outings, by god!!

Helium Project & TechnoBoy built up the opening tempo, dark and brooding and definitely different from anything I’ve heard either play before.

Now coming back to the man of the hour, D-Nox rocks and I got the chance to getting him sharing his thoughts in an exclusive interview. Boy! He is interesting.

Read on munkies…

Q. If I’m not mistaken this is your second trip to India, how has your experience been playing at the clubs here, do you find a difference that’s marked?

A. Almost right. This was the fifth time I came to India but the first two times I came more for holidays reason to GOA, somehow I end up playing there as well but the last three times I was here just for music reasons. I can see that India’s electronic scene is still very small and still growing. A big difference for me is that clubs close early and that people celebrate in a different way. It feels strange to close a party at 2a.m or even earlier. Normally we start to party at 2 a.m and go on till late. Also I have played for very few people which make’s me realize that electronic music doesn’t reach a bigger audience still. Bombay was wicked, looks like people are much more interested in E music.

Q.At what age did you start Djing and any one in particular you got inspired by to start spinning?

A. I am Djing since I am 12 years old. Music, especially the music from the 80’s was always flashing me. So I started to record and collect. Well few years later, there was acid house music and then around 1991 I have heard techno for the very first time and I couldn’t believe that such thing was made. I got hooked up right away. My first money playing was 1992. Since then I play almost every weekend.

Q. Where do you reside country & city that is home?

A. My home city is Berlin, and soon I will have a second home in Brazil.

Q. Do you have any other job besides Djing?

A. I run two record labels, event company and I produce music with my partner Beckers.

Q. Would it be fair to say that you moved from Progressive House to Psy- Prog to Progressive Trance to Techno/ Progressive now, for example Nowhere/ Sly Flynn & D-Nox for Plusquam Recs in 2008 and Antix- Le Lascard (Iboga) in comparison to You are A Star/ D- Nox & Beckers 2010 from Armada Music, being your new sound?

A. We can say that I never really thought about styles. Even in the very beginning of my production career I just did what came somehow out of me. If you look at the names of the labels. Yes than u are right. Plusquam and Iboga is the home of progressive Psy trance artist but my music never sounded like this. The beginning of all, the early 90’s, there was no genres, there was only techno, we didn’t realize that slower or faster music needs different names. The new sound is the same as it was before, it’s all from mine and Beckers inside…. To be continued…

Please note that I had to break the D-Nox post in to two sections due to length concerns.

The second post shall be a continuation of his interview with me and as usual the goodie bag section will contain a resounding Guest Mix by D-Nox plus Helium Project and TechnoBoy’s Techno candies will be up too.

  1. chinx says:

    interesting reviews…keep em’ comin !

  2. helium project says:

    hey priya,

    Nice build up to part 1, seems like u r constructing a Dj set urself. Tightly woven lingo and delicately crafted, eagerly waiting for the concluding part..


  3. Samyuktha says:

    Awesome! He definitely sounds interesting! 🙂 Look forward to more interviews…and of course with a plethora of musically intriguing questions! Write on girl! Love it all…..

  4. Samyuktha says:

    I think you should also canvas to ban Yeke Yeke around the world!! There is nothing more annoyin than hearing various renditions of it…uufff..!!

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