D-NOX India Tour fea. Helium Project & TechnoBoy @ Blue Frog- Part 2

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Artist Reviews, Entertainment, Music Review
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Continuation D-Nox interview….

Which tune do you personally feel proud of?

Cala A Boca

What is your current, dj setup and tech-wise where do you see yourself?

I play cd´s. I don’t wanna play from the computer. I need space and freedom. I don’t wanna be dependant of a laptop. I believe I am good at what I do. Somebody told me “never change a running system”.

Which do you think is the most exciting place for dance music in the world right now?

Berlin! Sao Paulo! Tokyo! Buenos Aires! And many other like Bombay!!

Who is your favorite Dj?

I don’t know. Never really have time to listen other dj´s properly.

Where do you go from here, are you touring big?

I go back home for 2 days before I head to Greece for a beach festival and the day after I will play in Austria in a club.

With the Top 100 DJs poll under way, who do you reckon deserves the top spot this time around?

This poll is a bummer. A big lie. I always wonder what have bands to do inside a dj poll? And why there appear so many names I have never ever seen or heard before. I come around quite a bit but half of the names are total fakers I am sure. I got informed that u can buy votes. There are companies that offer deals to make sure u gain enough votes to be listed in there. So to everyone who believes in this poll, wake up and find the real talents but don’t use this nonsense dj mag poll!!!!

Congratulations your going to be a daddy soon, is it tough managing a career and family life?

I was already though before, I guess I have to cut my touring and stay home more often but after 18 years of Djing  I think it’s a good time. I will never stop playing but maybe I will just spend half of the time in airplanes as I do now. Lets see. I am happy and cant wait to see my kid!!!

So it goes, munkies..some very interesting observations by the experienced rock star Dj.

I for one am a fan for life, as much as I am a true blooded fan of Helium Project- this particular artist is shaping up to be a mammoth and the future of big room intelligent sounds. Exactly what we all got in for, when he and TechnoBoy came back to the proceedings to finish what they started. The little time both the artists got for the closing set in a quick back to back, turned out to be a banger. TechnoBoy is the youthful talent amongst the big guns and might I add, many more Techno heads to conquer.

The future is bright for dance, even though the hide & seek continues for me with supposedly fabulous performers giving me nightmarish amounts of indigestion…but never mind club heads, get yourself some unselfish wiggling with the Exclusive D-Nox guest mix & TechnoBoy candy, below.

Get downloading D-Nox gold!!

TechnoBoy Thunder!!

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    Love U!

  2. jay naidu says:

    this 1 is the favt article of all.. 🙂
    thanku ..

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