Helloooo dance heads…

I have high hopes for the year even though I’ve witnessed some trashy gigs most of the way to 2010.  We are on our way out to ushering in a spanking season of euphoric song & dance.

I am quivering with joy at being part of several beastly nights of fun and frolic. The parties worthy of mention is few, still I want to share with everyone the djs that turned out to be sparklers right when I thought all is dark and devoid of musical heaven.

The Hits:

Sophie Sugar at Blue Frog– the Gatecrasher party; boy was she was a revelation and she smacked me to a bundle of happy hippie….Sophie is definitely the epitome of urban dance dynamite. Just when I thought Trance is getting cheesy and hard to understand, there comes the first lady of Trance as she is fondly known, and goes on to demolish my brains. I went on to hear the best of Uplifting & Euphoric Trance in a long time now.

Sophie, easily gate-crashed my mind and sugar coated my soul with top class mixing (believe you me, never heard a Dj mix so flawlessly) and impeccable tracks selection, turning the night out to being incredible entertainment.

Top tunes one after the other showed up her class as one of the most exciting Dj/ Producers in the world of Trance. Truly, a night to remember!

LTJ Bukem at Blue Frog– the “Logical Progression” giant is the most prolific Drum & Bass musician of our time and I so had the good fortune to make it for this one….he along with MC Conrad on the mike, gave me a million goose bumps…and what warmed the cockles of my heart was watching LTJ actually cooking up a storm on vinyl.

Gentle break-beats laced with vintage Acid Jazz, a mix of the rarest of groovy Techno, accompanied by MC Conrad’s  Soul/ Funk vocals; and my heart was lifted to a cloud of atmospheric raspy Rap and Dance progression.

British rap star MC Conrad has collaborated with LTJ Bukem for the last couple of decades and I can’t begin to explain the joy at having heard these two great artists in tandem to create a unique musical concept, untouched.

Ankytrixx at China House, Birthday Tour– I have screamed myself hoarse about how good this artist is. Ankytrixx can get the dead to dance such is the sheer power of this Tech- Progressive House specialist. Part of his Birthday Tour, the night turned out to be fun fun fun as it was a banger from the word go.

The Lounge cum bar erupted into a space of happy shiny people only interested in making moves and it was fantastic to watch the usual socializing watering hole turn into a dancing battle field. I believe China House is coming up with a spate of Electronic Dance nights, featuring quite a heavy weight lineup of artists. My word!

The Misses:

Audiojack at Blue Frogthe duo from Leeds didn’t match up to any kinda musical vibe, for me. They played their set for themselves and the music had no direction and neither did we. As I know they are highly respected and their dance floor appeal that I had been told about was really, at an all time zero.

I’m afraid I didn’t see anything in their music they played, that would make me want to get up and dance, I shall stick to giving my ears to their productions from hereon.

Think I can understand their appeal, which may have come from having played to layered audiences who couldn’t be bothered with what comes out of the speakers.

I for one cannot take gibberish being thrown at us, it insults all our musical intelligence too much, munkies.

YAHEL at Smokie’s Bar, Pune–  I became an instant fan when I heard the cutting edge mix of ‘Butterfly’ by Yahel many moons ago. I delighted in catching up with his show for the 3rd time in as many years, but guess what? It turned out to be a shocker and I can only call it a non growth of a performing artist, very much in the scene as a celebrated Dj.

I am frustrated as I’ve been a die hard follower a decade now, of the Dj- Producer in question. I have fallen in love with many of his productions that are of fine quality.

Having said that, I cannot digest his lack of mixing skills even after so many years of playing, music selection that is puke provokingly unintelligent and may I add traveling some hundred miles to hear him dish out Are you Ready by Anti-Funky got my blood boiling to a stew..

I know a whole load of people have gone into fits of delight singing how good Yahel is hehehhe it’s absolutely no crime to be a fan of his…

I’d much rather put a cd compilation of Goliath on, to go down memory lane and sample some of the tracks that Yahel is still playing.

Full marks to Beyond Logic Records though, for the artists they have planned to bring in for the rest of the year and for choosing Ankytrixx at opening and closing sets for the night.

The Corinthians Club is a fabulous venue, but to put two Psychedelic acts at a brewery situated inside the grounds with horrendous sound and a console covered in satiny green cloth, takes guts. What was nice to see; a huge number of good looking clubbers out in full force.

September is full of promise, and I think I am going to brave it out to some big names coming, no matter.

Give me strength my munkies….

  1. alrite me feelin sad now for missing out this months crazy nights….
    u hv written so enthusiastically that i cld picture some of ur nightouts and me sad for not being able to witness the 1st lady of trance…….

  2. Zahra says:

    May the force be with you oh divine munkey goddessssss!!!! 😛 You know you’re fabulous!

  3. Samyuktha says:

    Great as usual…..and always has me wishing we had someone to cover / write stuff about gigs in Chennai..always look forward to reading your blogs as its straight from a munkey’s heart!!! :)))

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