Doo doo doo, Da da da I am quirkily humming, a non conformist as ever hmmprrh!!

I got a sore back and heavy head with a first timer of sorts with the two ladies hosted by Blue Frog- Priyanjana and Kini Rao, dictating how we can make dance moves aplenty. Girl Trouble, indeed!

Let’s see now, the crowd at Frog was not so much to talk home about being a holiday week-end, but clubbers present had top energy. It was my first time listening to the pixie girl from Hyderabad, mucho fresh Kini Rao. I was surprised by the light energy she put forth in her warm up set. Although the tempo went all too fast for me but what the hell, she quickly got down to business by getting people to the floor with lotsa grooving and moving… not a bad thing at all. According to me, she had the requisite bar bass lines to get the floor warmed up, bouncy and groovy all at once. Tracks by Dubfire, Format B, Beckers, Butch & Slam are all on her showcase. All great stuff surely and she is easily a whole load of talent that can only go up from here on.

Priyanjana has come a long way from her residency days at Poison playing commercial sounds to being a goddess of Progressive. For a while now she has found her calling in House music and she does it damn bloody well. I am well aware of her transitions and find her to be one helluva artist to watch out for, what is also fabulous in her persona is the humility she displays even after being such a cracker of a Dj. She knows her craft and is wily enough to play big room sounds which is so important, it shows she is studying and knowing the venue to play exactly what she did. Massive futuristic gems flew out from her time at the console, she featured artists such as RPO, Anthony Pappa, D-Nox, Sonny Whorton to name a few and got all of us in a right frenzy.

I thought there were a couple of times when the two artists doing a back to back seemed disjointed, cause both are fiercely individualistic performers, overall with a session like theirs, it could have been really much worse for me as a clubber. As one is Techno plush and the other deeply Underground charged. For once I didn’t really concentrate on a journey, but gave myself off to a roller-coaster ride with the girls and their quick console changes till the very end.

I would really like to see Priyanjana & Kini Rao in their space, playing solo sets. To team them together doesn’t do justice to either of their sounds, so different from each other. But I am waving a red flag for both, they bode well for the dance industry in general. Priyanjana leads the way by giving anyone a run for their money, she has become that good in Electronic Dance music and Kini is slowly making inroads into the scene off late as I know it and I am happy. The night was fun enough with great energy, all around.

Tech-House is coming out of every orifice that I have and I am bored to death, it’s really getting pre-historic for me. Give me lush Progressive Underground melodies and hypnotic Techno, with those booming spacey bass lines. Oh lovely! Both the above mentioned artists did differently and I can only kiss their senses.

A big shout out to Fahd dearie at Onseed for a flyer that’s funked out. Also, if anyone feels like re-skinning themselves you must visit for more details.

I’m off to a biggie, but not before I furnish you with Priyanjana & Kini’s mix sets, available for your download capabilities.

Dj Kini Rao-  Download!

Dj Priyanjana-  Download!

  1. Samyuktha says:

    Nice! 🙂 Been waiting for this review……only wish we had Girl Trouble here too!!!!

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