I’ve been busy doing the party rounds and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Having said that I am all fired up to give you my flavor of the month: Dj Clement!

Believe me you if the handsome as hell, slant eyed devil doesn’t kill you with his acid charm then his wicked sense of humor and taking nothing oh so seriously, will. Clement’s reputation precedes him in the music business and needs no introduction to club escapades. In short a disposition full of sunny allure only seen in the Bahamas makes him the most entertaining light hearted music machine in the party scene of India. My firsthand experiences of the catty colt are always with whip lashes of witty repartees and swift slayings of I won’t suffer fools gladly kinda rib tickling and tummy paining humor. Time and again only the brave may stand in his ordinary world; take that to his musically abundant professional life as well. To make things light munkies when Clement is done with you and you are feeling light in your loafers, you know why…now that you have been warned!! Hhehhehe fantastic that.

Make no mistake though; he is a cosmic disco junkie for more than a decade now and a self-taught one in the arts of Djing no less. Learning the tricks of the trade came by watching prolific Djs spin it out and a keen ear for the right sound puts this performer at another dimension.

Some interesting facts are that Clement’s credibility in Progressive/Minimal takings remains unquestioned; he is also a most sought after player in the commercially colorful party arena as well. He is a specialist at Breaks, House, Techno and Trance, which pretty much covers the entire spectrum of evermore experimenting in all types of dance sounds. Clement has graced consoles of prominent venues and uber hot clubs such as UFO, Club Inferno, 180 Proof, F Bar, Spin, Fuga, Sutra, JJs, Tantra, Venom, Blue Frog, High Lounge, Prive to name some in India. His ease and steely stylish sets went on to make him a three times winner of the much respected DMC DJ Championships, add to that a winner of the War of the Djs as well under his cute belly. Clement is highly sought after in the corporate entertainment sector as their choice of music fix, featuring regularly at custom made dance events hosted by Smirnoff, Channel V, Bacardi Blast and Asia’s biggest dance festival by the name of Sunburn.

The grooves keep coming from Clement, doing the international rounds of Dubai, UK, France, Indonesia, Nepal and South Africa on a regular basis giving his gig calendar a globe-trotting, funky feel. Amazingly, he was the chosen one to spin out at the prestigious Formula 1 Pre-party in Monaco. He is special enough and has finally stepped into the limelight by playing for the gleaming opening and closing parties of the gob smashingly massive IPL T20 cricket extravaganza in South Africa in the recent past and is also the Official Dj for the Royal Challengers team, adds to his dramatic off shore musical voyage.

Clement holds strong in club land, with a return to an invigorating, spine tingling residency at China House located at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. If one wants to eat music toast you know exactly where to head, to sample Clements’s keeping us on tenterhooks humor and bubbling funky goodness to his jump at us musical instigation.

I have loads to write about the parties I attended that featured Dj gods and the season hasn’t even begun. May the force be with me!!

I leave you munkies with a quote from Dj Clement no less– “there is a bit of madness in dance…that does everyone a whole lot of good…. so let the melody play!!” How I agree to that!

Do get your aural fix of Clement’s tasty mix right here, right now…

Krishna’s Dark Side


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