Long live dance and the Djs who make us the clubbers that we are…

An event anticipated and much awaited by many, from nearly a month before…Azax Syndrom- India Tour 2010. So I must tell you that I was quivering in excitement, much like the rest of the Psy heads of the cities he performed at.

So with lightning feet and a heart full of promise at a treat, there I was with my dance munkies, first ones on the floor. Add to that, a curious line up of 3 performers prior to the big gun Azax taking over the console.

Helium Project; had the opening set honors with some smashing candies fit for a warm up keeping it melodic and easy, time out at getting groovy and ground breaking. He got the tempo going halfway through, with crowds filtering in much later than expected. Helium was playing at a Progressive Trance set, a first of sorts keeping it close to the music best suited for the night, much removed from his usual specialty of Underground bombs. Keeping it simple always works. Impressive too!

Shivadelic; Second to none that I have come across, apparently it was the performer’s first outing at a club format such as Blue Frog and boy did he remind me of Hrithik Roshan in “Kaho Na Pyar Hai”, guess he definitely will be the bicep rippling hero of the future Psychedelic scene, I am thinking. At some point I switched my brains off to a no holds barred screaming crowd who simply loved the tracks Shivadelic played with. There is a Beatport Top Ten for Psychedelic and this was it.

Raveoholic; now we come to that point where the Dj in question comes into the console in a packed like a can of sardines and frenzied club, I understand that one has to keep the tempo going and showcase your web of music to the best of your abilities for clubbing entertainment, which he did. Some earth shattering tracks were featured by Raveoholic while the mood was up-tempo and fierce which is fantastic going, but the timing is debatable. Must mention here, the aspect of Visual Jockeying is getting bigger and brighter, adding so much value when synced in with the mood and music of the night, as was clearly on display.

Azax Syndrom; easily a Goliath of the Psychedelic world. He is worshipped and adored aplenty. Azax went onto playing as well as he does and predictably everyone loved his hard floor style. I would like to mention though that some tracks were not snazzy enough for me and I did plod through them, monotony did get a hold of me on a couple of occasions (All you Azax lovers please don’t run at me with bats hahhaha!!) and then there were those gems included, like ‘Hokuto Shin Ken’ & ‘Evolution’, flying right at me.  Undoubtedly, he is a fabulous producer and supreme at the level of what he creates as his own.

To finish it off I’d like to request the powers that be to take notice of what makes a night is the guest Dj after all and to ensure that the said artist is the focus. To keeping that in mind a shuffling around of the line up in the Djs featuring right before Azax Syndrom came on, can be a lesson well learnt. At points, some of the music was far too pushy and bone crunching right before the main act came on. There may come a day when we study a bit more into who will make the right cut when, it is so important to put the right sound at the right time. In no way does it take away the fact that Digital Om has got it going on with artists that matter in the kitty and what a hedonistic nocturnal raving the night turned out to be for everyone that attended.

Ciaoo dance baddies but not before I give you a sweet grooved up set by Helium Project as a download!

Helium Live at Blue Frog

  1. Samyuktha says:

    Ur so right about the visual jockeying! Gives so much more effect…glad to see you’re still munk-ying away!!! 🙂 Thanks for the HP set..downloading now! 🙂 Muah and much love! Me!

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