Till now, I was used to hailing France for the unending beauty of the Rive Gauche and the awe inspiring Champs Elysees, I’m re thinking that folks. I am in gay abandon to be stunned by another French connection far removed from their national heritage, but from France alright.

Introducing Luc Achintre; a devil of a Dj in the guise of a lamb. One half of the hugely respected Psychedelic act Digital Talk! The act comprises of two childhood friends the other being Julien Fougea. The hugely talented duo are celebrated and have gone on to create a storm in the Psy Trance world since 2002, giving their music direction to electronic music events at countries like Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia and India.

Digital Talk was brought to us by Smirnoff Nightlife at Blue Frog; the venue doesn’t stop at being right on top of their game with nights like this. Opening sets featured Overtonez (Hybrid UV) and Fibre Stomp.

I am ecstatic to mention here, considering clubs in India are much behind times in this aspect that Hybrid UV over seer Karun Dutta (UK & India) is making a stomping entry into the dance arenas with fantastic club décor. To get a load on for bookings and the goodies he provides for events and festivals please visit www.hybriduv.org

To get back to the night in question, Luc got ahold of the console and gave us dance munkies a treat or two. Gigantic hard Psychedelic tunes were on display, the quiet class of a superior artist showed up in spades that didn’t abate a second. Luc got us jumping from the beginning to the damn end. If ever I needed an oxygen cylinder it was that time. We were a mesmerized lot of clubbers who could only try to comprehend the dance bombs he threw at us. Productions of Digital Talk were swiftly served to us hot and heavy alongside featuring explosive artists such as Phatmatix, Lost & Found. Me think’s gems really….all darkish and bouncy to the end. I was one of the last ones to get off the floor and I like that feeling for a change. A special mention to a bomb Luc dropped as his closing track Punchline/ New Reality, sent me right off the hook- it was dope! I am really agape in excitement and wanting to get my hands on Digital Talk’s second album- Audio Extremists, scheduled to release sometime this year on Hadra Records. It promises to cause some serious floor damage with its alien frequencies and booming bass lines. It was a sublime night of top djing along with top dancing!!

On to another Psychedelic Dj closer to home, just happens to be one of my favorite baby faced earthling in recent times- Shiva Moon…the southern sensation is reaping huge rewards with his GO:Madras festival; Chennai’s very own Electronic Music mammoth, held yearly and with a talented number of artists in the lineup.

So with an edition that was successful and musically fulfilling for all that attended, I only thought it’s cracking and as a gesture of full respect to the Moon boy, to give to all you dance heads a rush of a set by the man himself that makes me monkey around and how….This mix is on top of my list.

Chop chop and off you go to Shiva Moon’s mix magic…Till next time!

Monsoon Monsters SET.


  1. AdMad says:

    “DIGI TALK” seems like they took all the dancemunkey’s up in air…..nice nice …

  2. Rohan says:

    yup…luc can make you forget labor pains for a while 😉

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