Billions of blue blistering barnacles!!

Ankytrixx does it again. My November is ended on a happy high, generated by the monster boy, and he doesn’t give up. For a long time I have been thinking that I may be singing too many songs about this dance Dj might I add deservedly so, but when you sample and taste a gig of such energetic proportions and good vibes by the buckets, what does one do except beat ones chest and yoodle.

Hosted by China House at the Grand Hyatt, the bar looked the happiest that I have ever seen it. There wasn’t a soul who didn’t feel the sway and crash of the beats.

Dj Clement- he is the resident god of China House; surprised me with an unexpected opening set he turned the tempo up of the evening nice and easy, by the time he gave it up to Ankytrixx everyone was warmed up to a dance toast. I, for one hollered up at him several times because he did everything right musically.

Ankytrixx hit the grooves and bulls eye with his opening track that’s a classic of crater size dimensions; one of my all time favourites ‘La Noche’. Brilliant way to start the proceedings, from there on we were subjected to a work out till the very end. I ended up making some nasty moves along with my munkies in the house. The girls looked like their hips weren’t lying and the guys danced, Tarzan like. Exactly what one wants to behold at a Dj set such as his. Before I go on, I’d like to say that China House can definitely look at doing something to better their sound; my ears did suffer cause of the existing quality. To a lot of clubbers it may be the last thing on their minds, but to some it’s not. One of the key aspects of a good club or to be a cut above the others also comes from the quality of sound they adhere to. Other than that, China House is one of the nicest places in Mumbai to hang at, surely. Also, a big shout to the staff there who are always welcoming and warm.

The beauty of the night lays in the colossal wave of musical love that Ankytrixx binded us in, and each of us passed that same feeling to each other when our feet hit the floor. It’s special and spell binding. The crowd turnout was impressive for this fantastic Friday night. We were subjected to some soaring vocal smashers from the jumbo boy of electronic dance, he gave us wobbly, chunky bass lines ridden in Techy glitches and to finish the night off in a flourish the last half hour was dedicated to driving us up the bend morning Psychedelic. Melodic with hovering over your head break downs pretty much got us jumping around to a monkey mush.

No one resisted the euphoria of sterling tracks such as Devotion by Ace Ventura and the simplicity of Ayla by Ayla all jammed up with other pulsing slices of beauteous melodies laden in futuristic funk. We munkies need a standing ovation for all the wiggling we took to our stride and that we gave Ankytrixx full support for every candy he threw at us.

Catch monster boy smashing it this week end at 1 Lounge, Pune- Ankytrixx shares console space with Fatali- Zoo Music, Israel & Chicago-1200 Mics, Tip Records. Munkiness can’t wait for this one cause…

We are all connected, we are all one!!

  1. Admad says:

    Perfect description of a dj who i would love to watch performing ….
    Ace Ventura i could never forget , well done priya , every blog u write has a new taste to music and surely a different experience even if its the same dj performing…..

  2. Samyuktha (Sam) says:

    And the munkey does it again — superb! Yes you have screamed hoarse about Ankytrixx and I bet he is everything you say! 🙂 I shall definitely have to catch him in action sometime soon…..have been out of action but reading up on your blogs…as usual LOVE IT! xoxoxo

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