Seasons Greetings my dance munkies!!

Reboot, recharge, rejuvenate was the order of the day and I took it with gusto. I did go on a dance rampage at quite a few gigs in town and out prior to that.

2010 has been awesome musically and shockingly mediocre on the other hand, some fabulous Dj sets made my dancing feet stomp, I am going to leave the bad ones as no mention hahhaa!!

As is the calling in December, everyone worth their salt is in Goa and I can really do without writing about all the fantastic Djs such as Ankytrixx, Sanjay Dutta, Boombaba, Shiva Moon close from home on to the international greats like Dave Seaman, Paul Van Dyk, Funkagenda, John 00 Fleming, Riktam & Bansi to name a few all putting in guest dj sets at Asia’s biggest dance music festival Sunburn. I know that, all you party hearties are experiencing all these myriad artists first hand. The After Dark sessions and Sundown on the beach at Zanzibar lineup of Djs is spankingly yummy, as well. Dash all this up with power packed parties at Morjim with the Rebel Alliance goodness of Hux Flux, Fibre Stomp, Mubali, AFM and more and we are ready to usher in the New Year crazy bad.

Lots to get hopping with.

So there we are facing a brand new year that matters and hope to god that it turns out to be a smashing one musically and dance time gets even better.

I leave you with loads of love for all the support and fun that I have received for my writings, obviously it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t get any of that from all you that have stomped next to me as hard as I have in the past year.

See you brave hearts on the other side, with ramblings and much Trancing and dancing of many of the parties to come.

A very Happily Dancing New Year to each of you.

The goodie bag section has a mammoth mixed set by Helium Project that should keep you dancing some more and well into the New Year…

Cheerioooo munkies & All Hail Electronic Dance Music!

DOS by Helium

  1. Aliya says:

    HAPPPPYY NEW YEARS DANCE MUNKYS .. thanks for sharing, making us laugh and remember all the good times, and of course, not to forget the nights where the music in our cars sounded better then the club !!! will see u in 2011, waiting to hear all the scathing reviews and see the frolicking set back in action !! big love!

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