Toodles munkies!!
I am going insane in the membrane killing dancing flies that seem to be having far more fun than me, buzzing about in full force. I am squashed in frustration at their evident joy and my lack of musical pleasure, having attended quite a few gigs last couple of months that were much ado about nothing, really.
I am raring for that one night that’ll do my shuffling feet some justice and put me in full jog mode.

Never mind the heart burn of artists falling short of all our expectations and the vibe like burnt cinder. When I hear that Dave Seaman absolutely destroyed Butter at Goa, during the After Dark party, I feel all is well with dance music. Sublime I was told by some heavy weight artists of India, who were present to witness the seasoned carnage this legend can conjure up at will.
With super options of a myriad artists slated to perform in India as summer mischief, I am upfront and wide eyed in this New Year to face the full spectrum of dance entertainment, like never before.

Now with pleasure allow me to quote a line from a Younger Brother tune- ‘ It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon…don’t concentrate so much on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly delights’
…oh so similar to my Flavor of the month- Shiva Moon!

Do not get carried away by the baby faced devil, his sets and Dj vibe pack a powerful punch.
I bring you an up close and personal with the very talented and cracker of a Dj- Shiv Gupta whose origins are from the southern shores of India, Chennai to be exact.
I had the good fortune to be blown away by this Djs unique style and racy set one terrific night of 2010, turns out I am a big fan forever folks.

An unassuming start a decade. Whilst on a stint abroad saw him worming his way into playing at house parties for the fun of it and doing the festival, club and live acts round.
Musically inclined from the start he was irrevocably changed when he experienced legendary performers such as Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and
Basement Jaxx to name a few of the early influences, to become the musical heart in all  seriousness.
Having been bitten by the I want to make people dance bug, Shiva Moon made his way back to India to formally train himself in the techniques of the craft, getting a full blown diploma for Audio Engineering from the much respected institution of SAE, Chennai.
Shiva is foot stomping and fabulous!! He makes stupendous noise in the entire gamut of sounds ranging from Progressive- Tech House, Psychedelic, Trance to Techno dandelions; add the new focus on to hitting powerful Drum & Bass and Breaks to his repertoire. Shiva is the coolest fuzzy haired music marauder to hit the Electronic Dance horizon in India, albeit underplayed.
Having said that, I am tightening my dungarees for his sets this year alright.
Furthermore, Shiva Moon understands the entertainment scene altogether well, having been a successful label owner some years now, he has much touted associations with MMD Recs a popular company located out of Cape Town that upholds quality Trance like never before. The recent addition of tying up with Airsnare Recs keeps his hands screwed on to the best of Techno, as well.
Moon is a super honcho of a party promoter with the ‘ 9 Feet High Festival ‘ back in 2009 to the ultra spectacular editions of the massive ode to dance music with the GO: Madras festival held in Chennai, annually. The artists featuring in console action is getting diverse and tastier every year. Plenty of plans afoot for the 2011 edition is under way.
Apart from that, Shiva puts in mean guest dj appearances at many hip dance spots such as Blend, Liquid Sky, Blue Waves with a 36 hours stomper last year,
Hilltop with Sphongle, Pebbles, Pasha, Zenzi Mills to name some.

Shiva Moon ranks among the top 3 Trance acts as evident in an online poll conducted recently at
He is a top music sequencer and his sights are already on production in future, to make his musical journey as a performer par excellence an even more enhanced experience.
To top this, I have a spanking new set to share with all you munkies that gives you a tasty selection of artists like Mendo, Christian Cambas, Umek,
Oliver Schmidt, Loadster all rolled into an uptempo pounding party mix by Shiva.
Summer calling and keep moving, like I do!!

Download- Debauched Disco Killers!!

  1. Sanjay says:

    Very well written as always Priya. And Shiva is quite the psy master that he is considered to be. Two thumbs up 🙂

  2. AdMad says:

    Need more of your blogs coming up , it always seems to be getting better each time…..shiva moon – will take us to the moon and back!!

  3. Shiv says:

    Thanks so much priya, very flattered :))) Sanjay, thanks mate 🙂 Means a lot!

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