Introducing the new Tech-inspired specialist to dance heads, the sparkling artist is the new kid on the block; just unveiled of dance music.

Meet Shaan, the new boy of Electronic dance, he is leaving an imprint where-ever he is playing up a storm of chunky club sounds. Shaan has been show-casing his lively and smooth dj sets internationally and is well on his way to working up a sweat to near home India in recent times.

Being invited to play a much talked about energetic gig for a worthy cause, in the UK that raises awareness for Global Truce is just hitting the right spots for this youthful performer. Add to the repertoire… London swings to his magical beats when Shaan puts in a guest Dj appearance at a wonderful classical yacht overlooking the London Eye & Houses of Parliament at Temple Pier no less. Shaan makes for an avant-garde artist to watch out for in the musical horizon.

Traveling fast and furious to our Indian shores to crackle at club consoles of Mumbai and Goa is seeing the rising star timing out the beats to perfection. Touching and melding Funky House with Tech predominantly are the happy sounds that are connecting deeply with clubbers alike as he is playing at many renowned festivals along the way.

Early influences ring true for this blue blood, his sounds prettily reminiscent of the much popular Dj Axwell.

Shaan has also played a much talked about guest dj set at Asia’s biggest dance music festival Sunburn in Goa, last year that garnered him many more fans and followers in his already champion career, all set to burn even brighter in the future to come.

Already, he is touted as a fetching find amongst dance music, as the youngest one to play out beats of super gold.

Catch live and exclusive action from Shaan and get connected to his far out dj performances by keeping an eye out for his incredible gig calendar coming up this party season.

All show dates shall be posted online for your dancing fun. Keep going with Shaan to get happy feet!!

Check the new sensation at the name highlight below.


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