Yeooowww munkeys,

We are hot n heavy with summer fun…so much dancing to be still done! Pull up your socks or don’t, getting a load of the genius behind the fantastic ‘Way Out West’, comes easy.

Jody Wisternoff needs no introduction to the world of Electronic Dance music. His kinda Progressive House is distinctive and unique, to me. Forever slinky and somewhat with a mystical quality, that’s never failed to pull me in. Jody’s musical traces go way back and has left a magical imprint, since.

sLick in India, is a front runner for quality Underground House music and has the onus of presenting Jody’s tour in this country. June is becomingly Progressive with the Dj in question hitting consoles on the 8th, 9th & 10th of next month. With Delhi, Bangalore and Pune playing host to the artist.

I am delighted to get a peek in to the Jody Wisternoff matter. Get yourselves cozy and have a read munkeys…he is wonderful…

Welcome to India Jody, can you tell us a bit about how you started off with Djing?

J- Thank you! I started mixing Hip-Hop and Funk when I was a kid, cutting up Breakbeats/ scratching and all of that stuff. Still at school I was too young to go to clubs, so my dad would take me to house parties where people like the guys from Massive Attack were playing. I was fascinated by this whole thing, and was really drawn to the music side of things, and I was lucky enough to have encouraging parents so just went for it.

Where were you born and brought up, was it a musically rich environment?

J- I was born and bred in Bristol and have no plans to move. It has an extremely potent music heritage and is still on the cutting edge if you ask me. But yea, having hippie parents meant I was surrounded by music and an alternative lifestyle from the go. I am sure this has rubbed off and helped me develop my creative side.

Which were your earliest gigs, how did that go?

J- My earliest proper big gig was the first Universe rave, somewhere near Bristol back in 1990 or something. It was an incredible experience playing to 5000 people in a huge tent at 3 a.m. I quit school the next day.

Can you share with your fans, how the production side took shape?

J- I was in to making music from the very start, initially with a 4 track Tape Recorder, a Casio synth, TR808 Drum machine and one deck for scratching. My little brother was the rapper and we just made tons of demos, one of which was picked up by early Bristol pioneers Smith’n’Mighty. Allowing us to use their proper studio and put out a real record. This blew my mind, along with the fact that they gave us a publishing advance which was enough to buy us a sampler/computer/mixing desk and a few effects units. Having these equipments really allowed me to learn and develop the technical skills, also the fact that my parents insisted that I took Piano lessons gave me the theoretical understanding of music. Things just evolved from hereon really…

Any fellow Djs that you may have been inspired by, in the early days?

J- Obviously the Bristol guys like Massive Attack & Smith’n’Mighty…Also people like Mantronix, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay. In the early days it was all about Turntables skills and beats. I wasn’t really in to the House/Techno/Rave scene yet. This was to come next…

How did your association with Nick Warren begin, is it safe to say that ‘Way Out West’, has a Progressive House bend to it?

J- I had been doing the Sub Love for a few years, the Rave scene was starting to get a bit dodgy and I really fancied a change of vibe. This was around 1993, a year after the rave thing really became commercial. Nick came along and asked if I fancied a collaboration and trying out a different style of music, which was to be a mixture of my hardcore Breakbeats and bass lines with his Balearic clubby kind of style. I really liked the idea, we had instant studio chemistry so we started making the music together which was to be called Progressive House πŸ™‚


‘Trails We Blaze’ on Anjunadeep, happy with the debut of your solo artist album?

J- Yes, definitely. It’s an expression of where I am at right now musically….I suppose. Anjunadeep are a great label to work with too. Really cool people, with a very professional attitude.

Your radio show ‘Intensified’ has grown in leaps and bounds, music wise is it what you love to show case and call your current sound?

J- Yes for sure, I just try to play the hottest tracks of the month with a healthy balance of unreleased/ promos and commercially available stuff. Hopefully people who like certain tracks actually go and buy them, if this is the case then I am doing my job properly πŸ™‚

Any thoughts on India, is it a first?

J- I played in Hyderabad and Chennai a few years ago, had a fantastic time. I am super excited and happy to be coming back. Very friendly people, and the mixture of beauty and poverty is very eye opening.

It’s been a long way from the Sub Love days, how do you juggle production time with gigs around the world?

J- The tricky bit is juggling the music with family life, as I have two young kids. Luckily the studio is below their bedroom, so it’s all good lol!! But seriously, weekends are for traveling and mid week is for studio. That’s how it works.

What do you like to do to chill out?

J- Spend time with my family, it’s really nice to switch off from it all and just take the kids to the park.

Your favorite cuisine?

J- Indian of course πŸ™‚

A particular club in the world you love going back and playing at?

J- Cinema in Budapest is awesome, everyone is there for the music and they go bonkers.

Do you like the direction dance music has taken in this day?

J- Yes I think it’s a very healthy time right now…a lot of cross pollination of styles and generally things have got sexier and cooler. Also, the 20 year old cycle seems to keep happening so there is a lot of early 90’s influence again. Which is great, cause that was where I started.

Indian clubs play spoil sport with timings, as we are known to close early; will you re-work your set to hit the right note at the right time?

J- Haha yes sure!! I’ll shift everything back a few hours. This should not be a problem at all.

Your impending India tour, excited to feature this side of the world again?

J- Absolutely, bring it on baby!!

Tell your fans a bit about what they can expect from you musically in 2012.

J- Similar stuff to the vibe of the album really. Going to keep doing the vocal stuff but also got some really cool new tunes on the go in the studio. Mixing 90’s style Jungle with Deep House. Also Nick and I have started working on a new album together and this should hopefully take shape soon.

If you were to be born as an animal, which would it be?

J- A Fox, cause I am incredibly sly πŸ™‚

Describe yourself in 5 words.

J- Positive, Driven, Impractical, Noisy man.

sLick the brainchild of young entrepreneur and music junkie Prateek Pandey is the front runner of Underground quality House music in India; looking forward to the association?

J- Can’t wait to meet him, he sounds like a right geezer πŸ™‚

To keep yourself tuned in to the master, please visit

And for a taste of all that is to come this summer Jody style is a mini-mix from his album- ‘Trails We Blaze’.

Until then bozos…


  1. urartist says:

    I love it !!! reading this makes me want to goto Bangalore for the gig .. might just ! thanks to my favorite dancemonkeeeyyyy sister

  2. Jay Naidu says:

    Love the Article .. thanks for a great share.. πŸ˜€ cheers Munkey ,,

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