About Me

Hello my lovelies,

I am molten, I am a musical heart and a melodic soul, topped with a keen ear and possessed of ever- ready dancing feet.

My heart soars from the strobe lights of underground spaces, throbbing bass lines and screeching tops.

I am lost in the highs of the fine dance floors of the best clubs in India to the decrepit pool of self claim by so many that “We are a movement that upholds dance music for all you club junkies”.

I am a party hearty who thought twenty years ago to conquer and catch heights of musical greatness in this country of awe inspiring talent, if only just as a spectator/consumer clapping the hardest at an artist churning out beats of gold.

I was initiated into the world of song, sing and dance as soon as I could wriggle my belly…fast forward to a career choice in entertainment that entails Model/ Fashion Choreographer, Events Co-ordination, Public Relations, Artist Management whew… threw me head long into the world of music and its machinations. To cut to the chase, I have been a music enthusiast from the time dinosaurs became extinct, an avid clubber and thanks to my coterie of close bunnies who are djs, producers and performing artists, I’ve had the good fortune of a full frontal attack from the world of musical entertainment, laid out at my oh so happy feet.

I am the happiest when I am munkey ranting (read that as a copy writer) 🙂 and I kick ass, its one of my favorite occupations aside from dancing on the ceiling….

My name is Priya Sen. Mumbai is home where everything goes and everyone is the happier for it.

Hot cross my buns and hope to dance!!

  1. Zee says:


  2. grooviegoo says:

    we’re all part of the munkey revolution!! can’t wait for the next update!

  3. kranti says:

    oyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee monkeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    hope ur doing gud.
    all the best
    BE HAPPY 🙂

  4. Ma Faiza says:

    Hey Priya…

    Read more than a few of your latest blogs….very honest, informative and fun writing style…
    Keep up the good work…!


  5. AdMad says:

    pri that is some intense stuff nd its straight from within….no bullshit….good luck..keep doin wat u do best ,,,

  6. Manize says:

    Yo stomper, we’ll cross paths some day on the floor 😉

  7. excellent. didnt know you was a writer as well. cheers

  8. Arun Lobo says:

    Good stuff, I am a Dance Monkey as well, keep posting, I like your Blog…

  9. coreybiggs says:

    Nice honest Review on Sunburn and perception of artist and spartaque!

  10. raj says:

    Hey Priya,

    Excellent blog. This is a much needed blog for electronic music enthusiasts. All the best. Cya soon

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