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Can’t wait to get my hands on this release, from Bedrock Records¬† ūüėÄ

After all the highly successful Miami releases and with all three CDs of the series completely selling out, Bedrock are extremely proud to present their first ever Underground Sound of Ibiza album pack.

The double CD features a down tempo, chill vibe on Disc 1, filled with laid-back Balearic beats reminiscent of summer days. What’s more, there’s enough exclusive new music from the likes of Pig&Dan, Charlie May and King Unique, alongside some special new versions and takes on some of the label‚Äôs recent releases from The Japanese Popstars, Jimmy Van M, Oniris. Plus it features the ambient version of Jemmy’s “Waterloo Blues”, a track that caused a huge stir when it was broadcast from the Transitions 500 Miami Boat Party.

Disc 2 takes a more up-tempo, club/night-time journey and takes in 10 exclusive new tracks from the likes of Marco Bailey, Sasha Carassi, Misstress Barbara and Marc Marzenit, amongst others. There is also a bonus remix of the classic Guy J single ‘Lamur’ courtesy of Sebastien L√©ger.

The Bedrock legend, sums it up nicely- “We’re really happy with how this album came together and I’m very proud of the down-tempo disc as I think musically it’s one of the best we’ve done so far on the label” – John Digweed


Underground Sound of Ibiza
2xCD / Digital
Release Date: July 7th 2014
Pre-Order Your Copy Here:
CD1. Poolside / Daytime

01. King Unique – Brakes Pads
02. Charlie May – Barely Audible
03. The Japanese Popstars – Out Of Nowhere – Reprise
04. Jemmy – Waterloo Blues – Ambient Version
05. Charlie May – We Control Everything
06. Oniris feat. Pat Brooks – The Rebirth – Blissed Out Mix
07. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz – Havana – Downtempo Mix
08. Jimmy Van M & Affkt feat Luxor T – Dreams – Ibiza Summer Balearic Remix
09. Mantis – Stargazing
10. Pig & Dan – Sahara
11. Mantis – Roots
12. Pig & Dan – On The Rocks
13. King Unique – Brakes feat. Packard Ghost

CD2. Clubside / Night-time

01. Marc Marzenit – Fictional Crossover
02. Marco Bailey – Cataleya
03. Sasha Carassi – Tale of Memories
04. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz – Havana – Dub
05. Eagles & Butterflies – Hypernova
06. Ian O’Donovan – Atoll
07. Richie G – Puzzle Love
08. Misstress Barbara – Tenno 5
09. Dave Angel – Tomahawk Dub
10. Guy J РLamur РSebastien Léger Remix

And for everything BEDROCK, you can visit anyone of the links below-!/BedrockRecords


Hot, hotter, hottest tunes in June looks like these…

Label- ONOFF Recording

Title- Dots Are Moving EP

Release date- 21-07-2014

ONOFF Recording is one of my favorite labels in the planet, and their release ”Dots Are Moving”- Sloo is just about super underground fare. The title track has able remixes by the likes of Fernando Guzman, Variond and Mac Dephoner. But what catches my ears is the Original mix. Really make some noise for this nasty bass gore 3 a.m goodness with echoing vocals, that means only one thing…you gotta surrender to this beauty. There’s a second track ”Adeond”, by Sloo, which has a remix thrown by Stefan Naimor…but by the time I get to it, I am totally haunted by the first tune and I keep going back to it. Tops!!



Label- Lucidflow

Title- Nadja Lind & Friends Digital Part 1

There’s a whole loada collaboration going on, in the pack with the likes of¬† Brendon Moeller, Omar Salgado, Vandermeer and Quintin Christian doing their bit. Tracks included- ”Street Beat”, ”Place of Bliss”.¬† But what gets me happy as hell, is when my ears tune in to ”Tramp Clown”- a bassy warrior with some cultured vocal pattern snaking around in a bouncy body. It’s got a dirty Tech step to it and simple ingredients with which one hits the break down. Thereafter it sorta gets going in to it’s own mind and makes you do some moves. My favorite though of the pack is ”Saharan Night”- starting off with a quiet menace, the cut throat quality of this one is astonishing. There’s a double bodied bass bubbling with a whistling pattern very very extra-ordinarily good…Pure acid!!




Label- Sudbeat

Title- Big Bang

Artist- Nocturna. Remixes- Hernan Cattaneo, Graziano Raffa, Soundexile

Release date- 16-06-2014

Not many people may know that Nocturna is a new project by Italian duo Andrea Cassino & Danny Lloyd. ”Big Bang”, is an absolute melodic Techno star. Classical chords right in place with a brooding, winding melody along side luminous pads breaking in the inside, is nothing short of relentless progression for your soul. The break down just soars out on top and just about touches memories of terracotta summer nights and breezy starry skies. The remixes have been tackled by some of the heavy weights in the current dance music scene which includes Sudbeat label boss Graziano Raffa’s work fabulously, but the original gets my thumbs up all the way…There’s a cozy, warm ”Microcosmos” tune to end the pack with, which is lovely too.



Label- Undertechnical Recordings

Title- Never Give Up

Artist- Reelow. Remixes- Gianluca Caldarelli, Marco Yanes

Release date- 10-06-2014

Flurry claps, fat bass flaring, heavy jolts of acidic swish make up for the title tune. There’s a ghostly vocal finding and eerie ripples at the back, then there’s ome steely beat prongs interjecting with nasty attitude on this one. It’s utterly captivating as ever. The Caldarelli remix is just a lot of grooving fun, the vocals get a bigger boost this time around, furnished with quite a bit of splintered sheen in the bass line. Down to the slightly subtle work of Yanes that feels like a respite, and carries a more staccato story to it’s nature. I like this pack!!



Label- 808 Recordings

Title- Lady With No Face EP

Artist- Nyah Berkley. Remix- Javier Algarra

Loving this smooth as silk EP. The label as always does such fabulous releases, it’s just as well I nod in delight at their sounds and more. And I love both the undertakings of this release with equal feverishness. ”Bolero”, Original mix has lovely fragmented passages of broken bass sound and unresolved melody in a deep way yet quite Tech-House. The Javier Algarra’s Deep House stamp, is an immediate transportation to bigger things. There’s a roiling bass line in his handiwork and a perky attitude in it’s groove sense. One also finds an infectious vocal which is catching swinging in tandem to the bouncy bends. There’s a bee like offering all going back and forth just fine with the rest of the warm bodied tune. Nice one..



Label- Bedrock Digital/ Dar

Title-Hypnoteric (LP Sampler Part 1)

Artist- Denis A

Release date- 16-06-2014

Russian born Denis A. is new to me, but boy does he make a cutting edge sweep out of this release. He expands his forging work through his DAR label that rounds up his production force. ”Moenjodaro”, is a triumphant statement of the man’s musical sensibilities. The skewered break beatish feel is just lovely to hear, the tune is a portrait of adventurous Techno that strikes a near perfect balance between melody and propulsion of bass fierceness. This ones a ear catching, dance floor fruit. On to ”Space Truck”, a steady going melody vessel reminiscent of old. The melody pattern is fumingly hypnotic and fantastic. By the break, it’s far from delicate and gets me tied up in knots…wonderful bound. ”Flashback”- starts off with a synthetic eerie feel and has bass shuddering raciness on the whole. There’s a bubbling pad that comes and goes off it’s own free will, and the body gets heavier with post punk distortion. Make no mistake though, there’s enough melody to lift you up and keep you floating around for a bit. Must have!! ūüôā



Title- Smash

Artist- Gabriel Ananda. Remixes- Rob Hes, Noraj Cue & Mark Mywords

And saving the best for last, this track is gob-smackingly yummy, wondrous underground steam. Easily the mother of all Techno tunes in sometime now. This rework hasn’t been released, with no plans for it either. To deconstruct this one in words is difficult, yet I gotta say the minute the bass hits your ears, I challenge anyone except the disco mummies to stand still. The synth pattern along with the toughness in the core bass is just too blinding and fierce. The break down introduces a haunting beauteous melody winding up with shattering jars for aural love. Can’t get enough of this huge choon!!


Enough to keep you going for days and nights I imagine…

With hopes to see you stomping the dance floors I’m at..cheeriooo maniacs!! ūüėÄ



Yeooowww munkeys,

We are hot n heavy with summer fun…so much dancing to be still done! Pull up your socks or don’t, getting a load of the genius behind the fantastic ‘Way Out West’, comes easy.

Jody Wisternoff needs no introduction to the world of Electronic Dance music. His kinda Progressive House is distinctive and unique, to me. Forever slinky and somewhat with a mystical quality, that’s never failed to pull me in. Jody’s musical traces go way back and has left a magical imprint, since.

sLick in India, is a front runner for quality Underground House music and has the onus of presenting Jody’s tour in this country. June is becomingly Progressive with the Dj in question hitting consoles on the 8th, 9th & 10th of next month. With Delhi, Bangalore and Pune playing host to the artist.

I am delighted to get a peek in to the Jody Wisternoff matter. Get yourselves cozy and have a read munkeys…he is wonderful…

Welcome to India Jody, can you tell us a bit about how you started off with Djing?

J- Thank you! I started mixing Hip-Hop and Funk when I was a kid, cutting up Breakbeats/ scratching and all of that stuff. Still at school I was too young to go to clubs, so my dad would take me to house parties where people like the guys from Massive Attack were playing. I was fascinated by this whole thing, and was really drawn to the music side of things, and I was lucky enough to have encouraging parents so just went for it.

Where were you born and brought up, was it a musically rich environment?

J- I was born and bred in Bristol and have no plans to move. It has an extremely potent music heritage and is still on the cutting edge if you ask me. But yea, having hippie parents meant I was surrounded by music and an alternative lifestyle from the go. I am sure this has rubbed off and helped me develop my creative side.

Which were your earliest gigs, how did that go?

J- My earliest proper big gig was the first Universe rave, somewhere near Bristol back in 1990 or something. It was an incredible experience playing to 5000 people in a huge tent at 3 a.m. I quit school the next day.

Can you share with your fans, how the production side took shape?

J- I was in to making music from the very start, initially with a 4 track Tape Recorder, a Casio synth, TR808 Drum machine and one deck for scratching. My little brother was the rapper and we just made tons of demos, one of which was picked up by early Bristol pioneers Smith’n’Mighty. Allowing us to use their proper studio and put out a real record. This blew my mind, along with the fact that they gave us a publishing advance which was enough to buy us a sampler/computer/mixing desk and a few effects units. Having these equipments really allowed me to learn and develop the technical skills, also the fact that my parents insisted that I took Piano lessons gave me the theoretical understanding of music. Things just evolved from hereon really…

Any fellow Djs that you may have been inspired by, in the early days?

J- Obviously the Bristol guys like Massive Attack & Smith’n’Mighty…Also people like Mantronix, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay. In the early days it was all about Turntables skills and beats. I wasn’t really in to the House/Techno/Rave scene yet. This was to come next…

How did your association with Nick Warren begin, is it safe to say that ‘Way Out West’, has a Progressive House bend to it?

J- I had been doing the Sub Love for a few years, the Rave scene was starting to get a bit dodgy and I really fancied a change of vibe. This was around 1993, a year after the rave thing really became commercial. Nick came along and asked if I fancied a collaboration and trying out a different style of music, which was to be a mixture of my hardcore Breakbeats and bass lines with his Balearic clubby kind of style. I really liked the idea, we had instant studio chemistry so we started making the music together which was to be called Progressive House ūüôā


‘Trails We Blaze’ on Anjunadeep, happy with the debut of your solo artist album?

J- Yes, definitely. It’s an expression of where I am at right now musically….I suppose. Anjunadeep are a great label to work with too. Really cool people, with a very professional attitude.

Your radio show ‘Intensified’ has grown in leaps and bounds, music wise is it what you love to show case and call your current sound?

J- Yes for sure, I just try to play the hottest tracks of the month with a healthy balance of unreleased/ promos and commercially available stuff. Hopefully people who like certain tracks actually go and buy them, if this is the case then I am doing my job properly ūüôā

Any thoughts on India, is it a first?

J- I played in Hyderabad and Chennai a few years ago, had a fantastic time. I am super excited and happy to be coming back. Very friendly people, and the mixture of beauty and poverty is very eye opening.

It’s been a long way from the Sub Love days, how do you juggle production time with gigs around the world?

J- The tricky bit is juggling the music with family life, as I have two young kids. Luckily the studio is below their bedroom, so it’s all good lol!! But seriously, weekends are for traveling and mid week is for studio. That’s how it works.

What do you like to do to chill out?

J- Spend time with my family, it’s really nice to switch off from it all and just take the kids to the park.

Your favorite cuisine?

J- Indian of course ūüôā

A particular club in the world you love going back and playing at?

J- Cinema in Budapest is awesome, everyone is there for the music and they go bonkers.

Do you like the direction dance music has taken in this day?

J- Yes I think it’s a very healthy time right now…a lot of cross pollination of styles and generally things have got sexier and cooler. Also, the 20 year old cycle seems to keep happening so there is a lot of early 90’s influence again. Which is great, cause that was where I started.

Indian clubs play spoil sport with timings, as we are known to close early; will you re-work your set to hit the right note at the right time?

J- Haha yes sure!! I’ll shift everything back a few hours. This should not be a problem at all.

Your impending India tour, excited to feature this side of the world again?

J- Absolutely, bring it on baby!!

Tell your fans a bit about what they can expect from you musically in 2012.

J- Similar stuff to the vibe of the album really. Going to keep doing the vocal stuff but also got some really cool new tunes on the go in the studio. Mixing 90’s style Jungle with Deep House. Also Nick and I have started working on a new album together and this should hopefully take shape soon.

If you were to be born as an animal, which would it be?

J- A Fox, cause I am incredibly sly ūüôā

Describe yourself in 5 words.

J- Positive, Driven, Impractical, Noisy man.

sLick the brainchild of young entrepreneur and music junkie Prateek Pandey is the front runner of Underground quality House music in India; looking forward to the association?

J- Can’t wait to meet him, he sounds like a right geezer ūüôā

To keep yourself tuned in to the master, please visit

And for a taste of all that is to come this summer Jody style is a mini-mix from his album- ‘Trails We Blaze’.

Until then bozos…



There’s a man behind India’s landscape of exciting dance; the artist is poised to create history as being one of the longest running musical innings the country has seen.

Still going strong, his imprint in the Electronic dance arena is unquestionable and consistency has been his calling card.

Meet the ‘Beast from the East’, as he is popularly known. I should imagine that he needs no introduction, whatsoever.¬†From when I was kid in a tutu, Sanjay Dutta has made me dance the hardest with epic sets, like only he can.

Many would scowl and quiver, at the man’s attitude and Progressive sauciness in front and behind the console. That’s what Sanjay has always been, larger than life with a brave heart that not many possess.
Sanjay Dutta was the biggest inspiration and influence in my young mind back in the day, that has shaped me dare I say to the intelligent clubber & musical heart that I am today. If there is one Dj I want to shine my light on it’s undoubtedly him. To me he is the uncrowned king of errr let’s not quarrel here the iceberg tip of Trance (we call it Euro these days) & Progressive House.
According to me a good Dj is someone who plays stuff that I’ve never heard and whose mixes create something extraordinary out of illogical selections.
Sanjay Dutta embodies all of that add to that a crackling personality and we have a monster legend.
His residencies in hip night spots Someplace Else- Tantra at the Park Hotel, Incognito at the Taj in Kolkata are still talked about with much love and sweet nostalgia.
I’ve cried many a tear at the maniacal euphoria that this man could generate in all our hearts through the tunes he would unleash so effortlessly.
The joy of seeing the man play records of gold and with such swift craftiness is¬†unmatched, still. He was also a man with the midas touch, I have seen him filling up empty halls in to packed like sardines sweat boxes. None of us can erase the hurricane nights of watching him put that shiny vinyl on, down to making a check list of whether we are carrying our sun glasses cause we knew we wouldn’t be going home before the sun rises.
The glory days are undiminished, the fires still burn. There isn’t a naughty nook he hasn’t graced.
Sanjay Dutta plays at every distinguished club, festival or event even till today. Compromise a word that does not fit in his musical brain.
People who know the music scene are aware of the magic he still creates. Fresh out of a fabulous outing at Sunburn Afterdark in Goa has me in thralls of joyousness.
Fast forward to this brand new digital age, his steely underground form and varied interloping music infusions is the why he is still in our subservient eyes one of the best around.
I pay ode to this fearless engine with impeccable timing & technique, he is the marathon runner behind the decks, who packs the hugest punch.
This post is a dedication to Classic Trance and those who love them tunes and lastly to the man who has made me dance more than two decades.
Dj Sanjay Dutta- Take a bow!!
Before I shimmy on to some electric nights; I have a gift from the beast himself. All of you are invited to share with me in the melodies and block rocking bass lines of a Classic Trance set, which he show-cased at Afterdark, Butter not so long ago. The night in question was a stomp the yard fest for all present.
Sanjay will be at Sunburn, Mumbai on the 8th of April, he has ushering honors for Aly & Fila at Afterburn of the mega dance event.
 Catch him if you can!
To all the listeners who tune in to the set, do keep in mind that there are glitches and slippery slopes ūüôā
Equipment used- Technics 1210s & Pioneer 400 mixer.
Plus he jammed it up right in his home.
Taste the experience- Dancemunkey Classic Trance 2012
To keep abreast of his news, abuse, upcoming gigs interspersed with colorful language check his artist page on Facebook.

Lalala la Munkeys!! I am officially Sunburnt, danced out and not brain dead enough to wish each one of you seething dance souls a very Happy New Year.

May the pumping bass lines, tinkling synths and catchy breakdowns carry us collectively forward in to the spanking new music horizon of 2012.
So getting down to the burning business at hand of Sunburn; arguably Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival got underway and I was right there on the sands of Candolim to experience some of my most insanely emotive moments to close the year down. Whether the festival is the most fertile ground for cutting edge dance music are debatable, hats off though to Percept for pulling in a record number in the 3 days of its 5th year, at once impressive and unprecedented indeed.
With the festival’s day time programming and the cream of the dance music crop at the night time sessions of Afterdark; has music fiends flocking from all over the world like never before. From the 27th-29th December, it’s a place to network, catch new artists and old along-with a plethora of fringe parties springing up around the city during festival time, the fact that Goa is such a vivaciously vibrant city it’s no wonder that Sunburn has become an unmissable part of the dance calendar for many.

I hate to be granny miserable but there are a few points I need to rave and rant about- I love an experience of musical talent, mix it up with visual grandeur to the maddening throngs gathered for one cause which is Sunburn, but here goes the spiral heading downwards…. To be greeted with an assortment of insects as the theme goes, in ostentatious finery was by far an eye sore with unimaginative names attached to each arena. I don’t know whether I want to include Coollu the sweet owl looking over us who endeared. So seriously to the powers that be I along with many others missed the sleekness of the earlier years. The look and feel was electric back then.

Me monkey felt quite soggy jouled seeing these¬†mammoth¬†insectizoids in fancy dress…the festival felt more like a circus¬†gone wonky‚Ķthis was no Alice in Wonderland!!

I did have a giggle with all that walking between Plot A and B got me killer calf muscles..I heard like a zillion peeps complaining and groaning about it, for gawds sake I mean we are at a festival which requires one to get down right dirty and dancing, so if one has to walk to get to the guy whose flown  thousands of miles to entertain you, then damn walk to get there.
To move along, if there is a mother of all clobber points, then it is definitely looking towards the artist programming. The show flow left me cold. I was often scurrying to catch some of the more prolific acts who all seemed to be slotted all at once and at other times I had no choice at all.
Another sore point was the artist slots; with a bit of clever planning one can easily vanquish the argument of does a big room Dj with big room sounds change his style and pace to suit the slot the artist is at to create a bit of a journey through the day, or does one just come and burn it all up with the following act with a lesser pace dropping it down and no one really cares… Beats me hollow…
There were some artists who were outstandingly mediocre, plus¬†the much awaited sets of two top quality djs Pete Tong and Nic¬†Fanciulli nearly turned out duds. I am not sure if I want to beat¬†myself for being indifferent to the Global Underground legend Nic¬†Fanciulli’s set, it was border line could’ve touched good, Pete Tong¬†got boring and was unlike what he can do which is usually exciting.
To get to the part where it was all worth it; cutting edge wonders were churned out by Helium Project with his warm underground sounds, a perfect opening for the Perfect Stranger beauteousness. Tocadisco and Junior Jack/ Kid Crème were funtastic.
The real storm turned out to be Spartaque though; he was beautifully young and energetic. As far as I am concerned the Cubezoid stage on Day 2 with Spartaque was an education and a defining set securing a place in the hearts of clubbers present. He gave us the most reckless workout with his driving bass filled Techno and not to forget his all smiles presence. I didn’t have the requisite courage to leave his arena to catch Laughing Buddha next door.
Moguai and X P Voodoo were next level super super electronic gods with attitude and musical sensibilities all in place. Sunburn got the timing right with these two artists.
Ankytrixx played like a brave soldier at the Psychedelic arena at a dodgy time, but the boy wonder with the Midas touch packed in a considerable crowd very quickly. As always he was progressively stomping. Clement was groovylicious during sundown, he did nearly split my cranium with the mother of a closing set at Afterdark, Butter- Sir, take a bow!! His set was razor sharp and devoid of any inhibitions, just like his rib tickling humor.
Ah! The long lost art of playing vinyls with the showmanship. My personal highlight of Sunburn 2011 godly aggravation reached an all new musical high with Sanjay Dutta playing Classic Trance at Afterdark, Butter. I revisited the super clubbing days of the late 90’s and early 2000 with a euphoric, melodic, bouncy and mind-numbing all put in to one large ball of blissed out hands in the air nostalgia of dance fun.  I feel complete after this goliath outing by us and the Beast from the East.
A special mention to Dan Booth, your visuals were sorely missed.
Sets by Axwell, Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Above & Beyond, Liquid Soul, Jerome Ismae, Gabriel and Dresden to name some packed up at their arenas as expected with sing along friendly sounds. The crowds so obviously packed up for the big labels like Defected & Toolroom Knights like never before.
Poor sound at my favorite Cubezoid stage was no fun at all, in fact its quite unacceptable, as Skazi struggled too at the Psychedelic stage. If you want to throw a good party, have kick the guts sound me thinks.
Oh well, Percept takes risks and gets away with being the¬†omnipotent bastion of hosting mighty like Sunburn. My urge to get¬†communal and heinously twisted hasn’t diminished with the Sunburn 2011¬†edition one bit. As a serious music lover, I am excited and optimistic as ever for the future the festival brings me.
With an irrational love for the beats, I move on to stretching my limbs to a pot-pourri of extra-ordinary talent further North as we get in to January action. Tell you all about the hopping sooner I get my brains back.
I leave you cheery heads with a mixed set, by an artist who is rising in meteoric fashion in the dance radar and his sets are munkiness personified, so here goes…
Download- Sunburn 2011 by Helium Project
Till then stay intensified munkies!

Hello munkies,

A cracking month of November has flown by, with heavy duty Dj performances as ever, in India. Time to take stock of my dancing feet, a re-gathering of energies, a sigh of contentment or not, a heave of the bosom and off I go to the mother of all months, time to make merry like no one’s looking. Before that, some quickies please.

Neuromotor is the quintessential human form of musical destruction to ones senses with his power packed performances that has not diminished a bit over the years, as was on full showcase at Blue Frog, recently. ¬†He has been a top grader in the Psychedelic scene and a respected one at that. The name Neuromotor carries enough weight age to last us long after we are doddering dodos, right from the swift removal of garments that quite hinders him to his dancing and prancing, had the ladies panting for more I daresay, maybe some men too. Psychedelic gems were thrown pronto new and old from this old timer and everyone gasped to keep up. This time quite a few shirt buttons popped and flew off in several directions as noticeable autumn mischief….all good fun I say.

Ankytrixx did the opening set honours; as usual the monster boy of Electronic dance had it good with a furious opening set for the master man to follow. Everyone got to making moves faster than a pussycat and no one was complaining. The night was energetic and raw as Neuromotor spread his Psychedelic love smashing some old; some fresh tunes which were no euphoria, just high end pace and all helter skelter. Plus Blue Frog had a stupendous turn out holding its own. While another heavy weight act Astral Projection were performing the same evening at another hot spot in town. Reports of which are super, it was a bummer though as Astral Projection at Club Harvest, Pune was a complete wash out with many disappointed clubbers returning back wet and hungry not having gotten their dose of a could have been fantastic music tryst, as the heavens opened up buckets on the open air venue. Thanks to Ankytrixx and Jafar (BeyondLogic Records) some of us did have a stomping time at a not so complimentary venue where the same party was shifted, the energetic duo rushed us all with majestic Psychedelic cuts that more than made up for the down pour in Pune.

What did not rain on my parade at Blue Frog was Hernan Cattaneo; the Perfecto giant protégée of Paul Oakenfold no less had me engage myself with longed for Melodic Progressive much missing from club land Mumbai. Rough Acid swishing with deepening Dark grooves came relentlessly from Hernan which astonished me to a mumbling bundle of chaos. Hernan’s mixing style is almost reminiscent of Oakie himself, thankfully the comparison ends there. A Dj such as him is more suitable to play out longer sets I imagine, as a Progressive House journey has many meltdown moments and rising like the phoenix samples & bass lines. Hernan Cattaneo folks! Was Deep, Dark much brooding and definitely Progressive!

What surprised me most is the attitude of today’s clubbing generation some of whom I noticed screaming please play faster music at Hernan, chicks chattering louder than the volume and guys requesting track names on pieces of paper, what is it with that? I had to nearly be restrained from clobbering them, first they step on my toes and remain disco statuettes taking up dance floor space then they complain that they are not getting Psychedelic. I am sorry if I sound like a granny raver, but I have to cluck like a hen at the total non comprehension of club goers who can’t tell the difference of what one music style entails on to the other. I wish there was something called a disco police, I’d call for their arrest and education immediately. Hmmprhh!!

Wish all booty shaking earthlings a Merry December cause it promises to be musically yummylicious and mad fun. Me munkies hold tight!!

Time to face the future….

Till now, I was used to hailing France for the unending beauty of the Rive Gauche and the awe inspiring Champs Elysees, I’m re thinking that folks. I am in gay abandon to be stunned by another French connection far removed from their national heritage, but from France alright.

Introducing Luc Achintre; a devil of a Dj in the guise of a lamb. One half of the hugely respected Psychedelic act Digital Talk! The act comprises of two childhood friends the other being Julien Fougea. The hugely talented duo are celebrated and have gone on to create a storm in the Psy Trance world since 2002, giving their music direction to electronic music events at countries like Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia and India.

Digital Talk was brought to us by Smirnoff Nightlife at Blue Frog; the venue doesn’t stop at being right on top of their game with nights like this. Opening sets featured Overtonez (Hybrid UV) and Fibre Stomp.

I am ecstatic to mention here, considering clubs in India are much behind times in this aspect that Hybrid UV over seer Karun Dutta (UK & India) is making a stomping entry into the dance arenas with fantastic club décor. To get a load on for bookings and the goodies he provides for events and festivals please visit

To get back to the night in question, Luc got ahold of the console and gave us dance munkies a treat or two. Gigantic hard Psychedelic tunes were on display, the quiet class of a superior artist showed up in spades that didn’t abate a second. Luc got us jumping from the beginning to the damn end. If ever I needed an oxygen cylinder it was that time. We were a mesmerized lot of clubbers who could only try to comprehend the dance bombs he threw at us. Productions of Digital Talk were swiftly served to us hot and heavy alongside featuring explosive artists such as Phatmatix, Lost & Found. Me think’s gems really….all darkish and bouncy to the end. I was one of the last ones to get off the floor and I like that feeling for a change. A special mention to a bomb Luc dropped as his closing track Punchline/ New Reality, sent me right off the hook- it was dope! I am really agape in excitement and wanting to get my hands on Digital Talk’s second album- Audio Extremists, scheduled to release sometime this year on Hadra Records. It promises to cause some serious floor damage with its alien frequencies and booming bass lines. It was a sublime night of top djing along with top dancing!!

On to another Psychedelic Dj closer to home, just happens to be one of my favorite baby faced earthling in recent times- Shiva Moon…the southern sensation is reaping huge rewards with his GO:Madras festival; Chennai’s very own Electronic Music mammoth, held yearly and with a talented number of artists in the lineup.

So with an edition that was successful and musically fulfilling for all that attended, I only thought it’s cracking and as a gesture of full respect to the Moon boy, to give to all you dance heads a rush of a set by the man himself that makes me monkey around and how….This mix is on top of my list.

Chop chop and off you go to Shiva Moon’s mix magic…Till next time!

Monsoon Monsters SET.