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Hello dancelings,

A crackling summer of 2012 and I’m delighted with all the musical musings in my stride. So much music, so much dancing and prancing to get up to and there’s still the better part of the year to be dealt with.

All hail dance music and above all Percept Ltd for making such a comprehensive and magical impact in our lives for they bring music, performers and the platform for all of us to enjoy in spades.

Cultural diversity of the arts and music sphere all collected at one fantastic gathering created for our discerning music loving audience, has given Percept the boost yet again to bring us another gigantic undertaking in the form of GOD Music festival.

The first ever break through Live music venture is a total go at a breath taking venue along with eclectic artists under the scanner for everyone to behold. The location in question is Cocoparra in Pune; it’ll not only have Live music entertainment featuring some of the best musicians of the world in its fold.  The festival also promises state of the art technology, effects and fun activities to put ones dancing feet at.

Dancemunkey is excited as GOD Festival is making a musical hole in the stratosphere with a headlining name in the earthly being of Beardyman, the UK Beatboxing champion is a feather on the British music scene with unique ways of grabbing eye balls with his ridiculous vocal talent.  Layering beats with authenticity, many free style antics and a mind boggling range of vocal coolness done with ease and fun is truly mesmerising. Working with the best in the music business and featuring in top clubs and festivals, not only validates the two time UK Beatboxing winner that there is no one like him, even goes to show that his uniqueness in performance knows no bounds. He is all set to release his e.p full of his entire special vocal prowess and as well as a solo album, under top-notch labels internationally. Radio shows, Live performances and voice overs for international consumer giants are also part of his brilliant package.

Beardyman is currently touring this side of the world and I call upon each one of you music heads to get funking with the beat master extraordinaire. Catch exclusive action from the man himself this October, the 27th at GOD Festival along-side some the best of the local heroes of India to other heavy weight international presence.

3 Stages, 10 artists, a spanking new experience along-with fun features in the festival; throw Beardyman in to it and you have the mother of all parties, the one incredible spectacle for all your senses.

I’m off to the live arena that’ll host an oasis full of myriad performers and acts of musical splendor, called GOD!!

Cheeriooo earthlings, I’ll be back to tell you all about the celebrations, in the meanwhile hang tight to beat busting parties this season is bringing, like we only can.

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