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Regardless of India’s sometimes archaic, some might even say burgeoning night life scene.. my search for a perfect party ended, when I got to experience the legendary Bedrock Records label boss John Digweed, a connoisseur of Progressive/ Tech-House at a local hot spot not so long ago. In a sea of events catering to raking in the big bucks, these nights brought out a handful number of fans old and new who love the underground. The two nights I speak of, remain unforgettable. The turn out was not as expected, but we who were there had an aural carnival. The lights down low, minimal fuss and a cavernous smoky vibe along-side the very nature of the hypnotic quality in the music was designed to dance uninhibitedly. The raving attitude of old, where one finds each other while floating around the room, if they want to on full display.

In contrast, with due respect to clubs or festival parties featuring for example the popular figures like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Steve Aoki to the Hardwell and Avicii are usually a spectacle of corporate sponsorship at hand with the bottle popping, cake throwing, confetti flying, picture taking decadence.

The divide is stark and felt immediately between the two segments, as catching up with the west we tend to book one of the Top Ten names, pay them huge amounts of money, which immediately indicates that they are ‘it’. As the cash got discovered in commercial House music world-wide, in turn India seemingly followed trends from international waters causing promoters/sponsors to focus on commercial EDM, as clearly the volume is in the youth. The entire phenomena is concentrated with our young as the core receiver and consumer who find popular music to be cool or trendy. Mainstream dance music mostly depends on vocals rendered by fashionably dressed recording artists collaborating with names such as David Guetta, Deadmau5, Kaskade to drive their packaging. Back in the days, the other experimental EDM came from Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Paul Oakenfold to Sven Vath in the later part of the 80’s/90s and early 2000. Early sign post parties held at Twilo, Tunnel, the Palladium and of warehouse clubbing in Europe are raving yarn. In no way, does the latter scene have lesser numbers abroad, till date.

Many of our local acts such as Anish Sood, Ajit Pai, Lost Stories, Clement DSouza, Priyanjana are sale able artists, who pack places with the younger lot that like the sing along vibe in India. Chatting with Priyanjana brings out the facts that cannot be ignored when she quips- ”Each to their own. Having said that, I am at a club residency where we feature commercial artists as well as the Underground acts. Yet, the only thing that gives it up, is when the public themselves end up enjoying only one and not the latter. It’s frustrating, but I would like to be positive and hope to see a change in that attitude in the near future”.


Our divide could be because, the club going audience here, does not have the numbers that sample a varied taste in music which is an essential to advocate, all kinds of genres. The early closing times at our clubs also play spoil-sport to building the Underground vibe. D-Nox (Germany) world renowned Techno Dj and label owner at Sprout Music say’s of our club scene-”It’s important for a good Techno party to go the distance of hours, only then can one feel any kind of hypnosis”. As was evident in his gigs in India, where short sets didn’t do any justice to the style of underground music he plays, which requires time to weave a story or create a vibe.


Founder at Krunk; Sohail Arora is positive though- ” I believe that in the last 2 to 3 years, we’ve seen a positive change to the rise of venues, festivals in our country supporting underground music. It’s been the busiest season so far and I feel the line getting blurry as many of our events are being head-lined by good artists. Even though we have a long way to go in terms of numbers, it’s still a great place to be in”.
EDM in India is the trendiest acronym for Pop music and then one has the respected Grammys acknowledge the impact of EDM stars such as Skrillex, David Guetta and Deadmau5 and our core youth is sold to the prominent styles of today. Several niche parties in metros such as Mumbai and Bangalore do suggest though, of the novelty in mainstream to be fading a bit and a balance created with the underground wheel.
Artists such as Sanjay Dutta, Ankytrixx, Madhav Shorey, Arjun Vagale, Praveen Achary, Jehan Johar, Anastasia & Whosane, Vipul Angirish who play forward thinking sounds reflects the broader range, are in fact performing with greater regularity.
A corporate hoodlum by day with the flip side of a crackling Techno Dj by night- Helium Project banters: ”The introduction of Commercial House music has expanded the size of people listening to EDM, but then roots where the genre originated from, is completely lost. Dance music, with it’s commercial packaging inside of EDM, is responsible for the down trend of quality music, whether by skewed programming in festivals, and club gigs. However, a handful of Djs/Promoters are hanging on to the more purist vibe. It all depends on how many of us are ready to bring in quality music which doesn’t necessarily get the cash registers ringing”.


Ash Roy, a member from the defunct yet most successful electronic bands of India, say’s- ‘‘The reason why Jalebee Cartel became a fantastic architect of the Indian underground scene was because we brought in the concept of Live Techno alongside the vibe of a proper rave, but as the band’s success grew and bookings started to pile up, our musical vision started to suffer, as it often happens the demand for a friendlier, more identifiable sounds came to our notice. Which was never our vision nor was it the direction that we wanted to go towards”.

On to another Dj/Producer making waves in our underground and more eclectic sphere; Madhav Shorey has this to say- ” I think the rift is something that’s always been there. Some things just belong in certain places and that’s just how it is. Underground music over the last few years has made a huge following for itself over the globe and is at a nice place where young artists who are experimenting and unique are making a name for themselves and even tricking into the mainstream. A lot of genres are blending into each other and honestly, neither one would not survive if it weren’t for the other. We would not have an option and I think it’s important to understand that”.


However, I remain confused at the future of dance music expansion in India, even though non formulaic music is getting a boost from companies like sLick!, Audiophile India and Unmute agency, a most heartening sign at best. There remains primarily, the attitude of a mass majority, who are still not ready to open up their minds to music with out Vocals. Also for the most part much of club etiquette is missing (more on that, later)..


Cutting edge performers such as Dubfire, D-Nox, Guy J, Richie Hawtin to name some have lured in good turn outs in 2013 and most encouraging for the circuit, that followers with mature taste in music and an older lot of fans are coming out in support more often fantastic news. Whatever void in this scene remains, is slowly but surely enterprising itself also with nightclubs such as Blue Frog, Lap, Bardo leading the way with show-casing many styles other than just the main stream. I want to be part of a day, when we can have a groovy scenario much like Richie Hawtin’s artistic fruition, where from being a typical child of the underground has gone on to make his project ”Enter”, a big business fashionable curation at Space, Ibiza. Much as I rejoice seeing the good times an Armin Van Buuren concert gets for our clubbing youth, I’d like to feel the experience of a Sven Vath driven ”Cocoon” rave instigated with equal equanimity.
The future looks bright but clouded simultaneously. Until we inculcate a broader thought pattern which rises above all to do good, invite more variety with regularity, we in every way stand a chance to languish in a race, no one is winning. Where the habit of a verbal rave is met with an actual one. I think it’s going to take more than that, to be a force to reckon with…

Before I run off to stomp another yard, as a foot note… after witnessing several top names in both the commercial and underground scenes, I’d very much like to point out to our promoters, that I’d rather pay top bucks to the local Dj/Producers of India who do such a fabulous and a far better job night after night, than hear crap coming out from the speakers played by (atleast some of them) these famous international artists of the electronic music scene. Can someone hire me as a disco police? 😀

Cheerioo munkeys, gotta get my freak on….


Doo doo doo, Da da da I am quirkily humming, a non conformist as ever hmmprrh!!

I got a sore back and heavy head with a first timer of sorts with the two ladies hosted by Blue Frog- Priyanjana and Kini Rao, dictating how we can make dance moves aplenty. Girl Trouble, indeed!

Let’s see now, the crowd at Frog was not so much to talk home about being a holiday week-end, but clubbers present had top energy. It was my first time listening to the pixie girl from Hyderabad, mucho fresh Kini Rao. I was surprised by the light energy she put forth in her warm up set. Although the tempo went all too fast for me but what the hell, she quickly got down to business by getting people to the floor with lotsa grooving and moving… not a bad thing at all. According to me, she had the requisite bar bass lines to get the floor warmed up, bouncy and groovy all at once. Tracks by Dubfire, Format B, Beckers, Butch & Slam are all on her showcase. All great stuff surely and she is easily a whole load of talent that can only go up from here on.

Priyanjana has come a long way from her residency days at Poison playing commercial sounds to being a goddess of Progressive. For a while now she has found her calling in House music and she does it damn bloody well. I am well aware of her transitions and find her to be one helluva artist to watch out for, what is also fabulous in her persona is the humility she displays even after being such a cracker of a Dj. She knows her craft and is wily enough to play big room sounds which is so important, it shows she is studying and knowing the venue to play exactly what she did. Massive futuristic gems flew out from her time at the console, she featured artists such as RPO, Anthony Pappa, D-Nox, Sonny Whorton to name a few and got all of us in a right frenzy.

I thought there were a couple of times when the two artists doing a back to back seemed disjointed, cause both are fiercely individualistic performers, overall with a session like theirs, it could have been really much worse for me as a clubber. As one is Techno plush and the other deeply Underground charged. For once I didn’t really concentrate on a journey, but gave myself off to a roller-coaster ride with the girls and their quick console changes till the very end.

I would really like to see Priyanjana & Kini Rao in their space, playing solo sets. To team them together doesn’t do justice to either of their sounds, so different from each other. But I am waving a red flag for both, they bode well for the dance industry in general. Priyanjana leads the way by giving anyone a run for their money, she has become that good in Electronic Dance music and Kini is slowly making inroads into the scene off late as I know it and I am happy. The night was fun enough with great energy, all around.

Tech-House is coming out of every orifice that I have and I am bored to death, it’s really getting pre-historic for me. Give me lush Progressive Underground melodies and hypnotic Techno, with those booming spacey bass lines. Oh lovely! Both the above mentioned artists did differently and I can only kiss their senses.

A big shout out to Fahd dearie at Onseed for a flyer that’s funked out. Also, if anyone feels like re-skinning themselves you must visit for more details.

I’m off to a biggie, but not before I furnish you with Priyanjana & Kini’s mix sets, available for your download capabilities.

Dj Kini Rao-  Download!

Dj Priyanjana-  Download!

Continuation D-Nox interview….

Which tune do you personally feel proud of?

Cala A Boca

What is your current, dj setup and tech-wise where do you see yourself?

I play cd´s. I don’t wanna play from the computer. I need space and freedom. I don’t wanna be dependant of a laptop. I believe I am good at what I do. Somebody told me “never change a running system”.

Which do you think is the most exciting place for dance music in the world right now?

Berlin! Sao Paulo! Tokyo! Buenos Aires! And many other like Bombay!!

Who is your favorite Dj?

I don’t know. Never really have time to listen other dj´s properly.

Where do you go from here, are you touring big?

I go back home for 2 days before I head to Greece for a beach festival and the day after I will play in Austria in a club.

With the Top 100 DJs poll under way, who do you reckon deserves the top spot this time around?

This poll is a bummer. A big lie. I always wonder what have bands to do inside a dj poll? And why there appear so many names I have never ever seen or heard before. I come around quite a bit but half of the names are total fakers I am sure. I got informed that u can buy votes. There are companies that offer deals to make sure u gain enough votes to be listed in there. So to everyone who believes in this poll, wake up and find the real talents but don’t use this nonsense dj mag poll!!!!

Congratulations your going to be a daddy soon, is it tough managing a career and family life?

I was already though before, I guess I have to cut my touring and stay home more often but after 18 years of Djing  I think it’s a good time. I will never stop playing but maybe I will just spend half of the time in airplanes as I do now. Lets see. I am happy and cant wait to see my kid!!!

So it goes, munkies..some very interesting observations by the experienced rock star Dj.

I for one am a fan for life, as much as I am a true blooded fan of Helium Project- this particular artist is shaping up to be a mammoth and the future of big room intelligent sounds. Exactly what we all got in for, when he and TechnoBoy came back to the proceedings to finish what they started. The little time both the artists got for the closing set in a quick back to back, turned out to be a banger. TechnoBoy is the youthful talent amongst the big guns and might I add, many more Techno heads to conquer.

The future is bright for dance, even though the hide & seek continues for me with supposedly fabulous performers giving me nightmarish amounts of indigestion…but never mind club heads, get yourself some unselfish wiggling with the Exclusive D-Nox guest mix & TechnoBoy candy, below.

Get downloading D-Nox gold!!

TechnoBoy Thunder!!

The sun is playing hide & seek with us and so are the Djs.

Brilliance is going peek-a-boo at me. I don’t know what it is with top Djs of the world on a Yeke Yeke trip, makes me wonder if the track is really a diamond in the rough.

So well D-Nox is charismatic, handsome as a monkey and has sounds of wickedness to boot. Now, was it enough to conquer my heart? Yes I think so.

D-Nox in short happened to be brilliant the first 45 minutes of his set. The bass lines were carefully crafted to suit our mood, which was electric to begin with. No-one can doubt that his console presence is the bomb, Tech goodness flowed from his hips that made all of us groove hard and kick up dust on the floor. He has definitely moved on to a new sound, as compared to what he played 2 years ago.

Great productions were on show case, including some of his own and time flew fast, till a plateau of staccato beats was reached and then it just refused to go any further for me. Again, I seem to be on loop about this, but there has to be a journey created where the only way is up. Hence-forth, the organizers should really pay attention to club timings in India and notify the artist of the same, so the performer has the luxurious choice to go all guns blazing…and for that he needs to be aware that closing time comes hard and fast. Here in India we do not have let’s say a 6 a.m shut down; what a yummy thought that.

So an artist does the home work to play sets that in short create a journey for the clubber, and in the process makes sure it is peak time music.

Legendary names such as John Digweed, Dave Seaman & Josh Wink to name a few are all top of the heap as far as creating tightly woven musical outings, by god!!

Helium Project & TechnoBoy built up the opening tempo, dark and brooding and definitely different from anything I’ve heard either play before.

Now coming back to the man of the hour, D-Nox rocks and I got the chance to getting him sharing his thoughts in an exclusive interview. Boy! He is interesting.

Read on munkies…

Q. If I’m not mistaken this is your second trip to India, how has your experience been playing at the clubs here, do you find a difference that’s marked?

A. Almost right. This was the fifth time I came to India but the first two times I came more for holidays reason to GOA, somehow I end up playing there as well but the last three times I was here just for music reasons. I can see that India’s electronic scene is still very small and still growing. A big difference for me is that clubs close early and that people celebrate in a different way. It feels strange to close a party at 2a.m or even earlier. Normally we start to party at 2 a.m and go on till late. Also I have played for very few people which make’s me realize that electronic music doesn’t reach a bigger audience still. Bombay was wicked, looks like people are much more interested in E music.

Q.At what age did you start Djing and any one in particular you got inspired by to start spinning?

A. I am Djing since I am 12 years old. Music, especially the music from the 80’s was always flashing me. So I started to record and collect. Well few years later, there was acid house music and then around 1991 I have heard techno for the very first time and I couldn’t believe that such thing was made. I got hooked up right away. My first money playing was 1992. Since then I play almost every weekend.

Q. Where do you reside country & city that is home?

A. My home city is Berlin, and soon I will have a second home in Brazil.

Q. Do you have any other job besides Djing?

A. I run two record labels, event company and I produce music with my partner Beckers.

Q. Would it be fair to say that you moved from Progressive House to Psy- Prog to Progressive Trance to Techno/ Progressive now, for example Nowhere/ Sly Flynn & D-Nox for Plusquam Recs in 2008 and Antix- Le Lascard (Iboga) in comparison to You are A Star/ D- Nox & Beckers 2010 from Armada Music, being your new sound?

A. We can say that I never really thought about styles. Even in the very beginning of my production career I just did what came somehow out of me. If you look at the names of the labels. Yes than u are right. Plusquam and Iboga is the home of progressive Psy trance artist but my music never sounded like this. The beginning of all, the early 90’s, there was no genres, there was only techno, we didn’t realize that slower or faster music needs different names. The new sound is the same as it was before, it’s all from mine and Beckers inside…. To be continued…

Please note that I had to break the D-Nox post in to two sections due to length concerns.

The second post shall be a continuation of his interview with me and as usual the goodie bag section will contain a resounding Guest Mix by D-Nox plus Helium Project and TechnoBoy’s Techno candies will be up too.

Mi dancemunkeys, the Dance gods are shining upon us in August.

Looks like I need an oxygen cylinder to accompany my party shifts.

The Progressive House cognoscenti are poised to dive in to a month featuring a stellar line-up of djs. D-Nox, followed up with Yahel and Ankytrixx on their tour of India.

But foremost D-Nox is here and he really is from Germany.

The twinkle in his eyes when he is at the console flaying everyone on the dance floor, comes from the knowledge of him sending out tectonic shifts of Progressive & Tech goodies, that makes us scramble munkey moves and is all the more happier for it.

One can get breathless with a look at his gig calendar. He pretty much spends most of his time touring the globe, captivating clubbers with his wicked genre defying sets that range between Techno, Electro and Progressive House.

In the new age, D- Nox is a top class export from German lands and boy am I glad for it.

D-Nox is the banger extraordinaire and I had the good fortune of hitting the floors in a previous tour of his that left misty memories of substantial destruction, in my brains.

This tour is brought to you by (Qilla Records). Helium Project & TechnoBoy shares console space with D-Nox for opening and closing sets. Expectations are really high and hope we kick some ass, folks.

So, be divine and join the dance brigade at these dates:

D-Nox Tour of India 2010:

H Lounge- Hyderabad 18th Wednesday

Quantum- Delhi 20th Friday

Blue Frog- Mumbai 21st Saturday

Pebbles- Bangalore 22nd Sunday

Before I get carried away on festive clouds, I am quick to warn you out for a resounding Exclusive Guest mix by D-Nox in my post party write-up goodie bag section. A download of TechnoBoy’s latest mix, will be up for grabs in the same.


Hello bunnies….I have had a most exciting weekend.

Great music is releasing back once again and my heart is beating faster at the prospect of hearing productions that makes one want to leap. 2010 is turning out to be a dancers paradise must say. Of course not to forget the only decider of the djs worth comes from when you show how much you like the artist, with your feet.
Allow me to introduce southern sensation Shiva Moon!
My feet were moon walking to space and I didn’t want to come down. Shiva is no stranger to, playing massive sets and this one had the requisite kick you in the face vibe, of which I’d only heard about, now experienced.
Boy, did he make us dance like no ones watching. Dirty, filthy Tech House roared out of the speakers, un-forgivingly and went on to Acid Main room Techno, from the baby faced marauder.
Helium Project did the opening honors and somewhere in the middle too. He is the rising sun in the dance horizon.
Trippy, melancholy vocals of Trentemoller’s dark classic ‘Moan’ warmed the proceedings and then came the blitzkrieg of Techno sweltering wonders making us work that booty, in a all hell breaks loose way. Some top class productions by biggies James Zabiela, D-Nox, Dmitri, Erphun, Spartaque were webbed together in a mammoth uplifting underground carnage to which we all surrendered without a squeak.
Somewhere in between my ears perked up to this funny tidbit that Helium had to contend with, an enthusiastic clubber came right up to the dj in question and said to him ‘Hey you, can we have some Guetta like dance numbers’ hehehe for the uninitiated let me tell you…. Blasphemy! It’s like telling 50 Cents crew to spin out Flight 643 by demi-god Tiesto, while we were all in electronic lava like heaven. I don’t understand how one can go and request a dj for a song it’s so last century, if I like a track so damn much I would reserve that for my home audio system, don’t you think..Bizarre really, party etiquettes to be learnt folks.
Nearing closing time; we had to contend with Shiva Moon’s re-appearance in the
console with myriad commanding cuts all the way to the end. Zenzi Mills Room 2 with its cozy dance space hosted the two djs in a front to back format and it was lovely to destroy the floor while Helium Project & Shiva Moon gave each other a run for their money laced in Funktion One sound and us mumbling dancemunkeys, feet shoveling slaves.
A special mention for Aliya- my dancing goddess, Dash in Bangkok who has been my partner in crime on many dance jaunts, the beast from the east- who showed me the way to party, Karan Jaiswal- tough guy in Australia, Sejal- who I can’t do without, Alpana- I truly love this dance bunny, Ankit- monster boy in the mountains, Low-Key- my Santa Claus from Pune & Sam in Chennai- hmmrphh munkey girl….you guys were sorely missed during the club erupt.

Almost Perfecto!!

As usual, in the goody bag section I’ve put a download link of Technoid heaven from Helium Project, watch this space for an exclusive mix by Shiva Moon, that’ll be up as soon as he is good enough to send it to me.. 🙂

Helium Project Guestmix on