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….I feel blessed by a musical god and a legendary force for more than a decade and have put forth for all you munkey- heads a short tete a tete with U-Recken himself. Read on will ya…

DM- Tell us in short where your musical journey began, where you were born.

UR- Born in Haifa city, Israel. Started to play the guitar from a very young age, my career took off with bands, studios, stage managing and party organizing. Thereafter the U-Recken project took shape in early 2000.

DM- Who are the artists you really respect in the Dj community, and love their Dj sets or productions?

UR- I love the old- school names. From Synchro, M.F.G, Logic Bomb to the more recent ones such as Panic and Cosma r.i.p

 DM- With respect to the huge volume of releases- How do you filter the crap, do you have a team of people sorting the music or you keep it simple by playing mostly your own productions?

UR-hhhh love your questions! Somehow I am surrounded with people who know my specific taste and look after my cd folder. But true that it’s very hard to find good tunes these days. Thank god that people want to hear my own work J

DM- Which is your favorite open air festival in the world and also a favorite club, if any?

UR- Ozora in Hungary is a really good gathering with great vibes and a professional production, but for 2012 I am looking up to Tree of Life festival in Turkey. This production is really coming from the heart; location, music, décor & visuals are going to be by far the best you will ever see in a festival out there. Feel free to check me on this one.

DM- Give us your top 5 tunes, that’s current.

UR- Logic Bomb- Frequent Flyer, U-Recken rmx. U-Recken- The Optimist.

Depeche Mode- Loose Myself. U-Recken rmx. U-Recken fea. Darwish, I.D.F.

U-Recken- Eya Soala. All coming out your way soon J

DM- Describe your style of music?

UR- Mixture of dark, melodic Progressive on to Ethno elements.

DM- How do you feel about the golden days of playing on vinyl; have you ever put a record on?

UR-Nope never in a party, but I will tell you one things for sure it is the best sounding format out there.

DM- What is your ideal Dj set-up?

UR-Lots of drinks 🙂

DM- What are your thoughts about this recently concluded India tour, did you enjoy the vibe?

UR- It was off the hook! I loved every moment and I can’t wait to see all the great people again in April, at Universal Religion festival (Mountain Madness) Nepal.

DM- Which city do you reside in, that’s home?

UR- Home is where the heart is and my heart lays in Tel Aviv.

DM- What’s your gig guide like in the near future, which countries can your fans catch you at?

UR-This week-end I will be at Innsbruck, Austria for a great group of party people. I will fly to Australia for a few parties. Have a really great summer with weekly visits all over. Think my fans can be relaxed about getting their yearly music dose.

DM- Would you tour India again, as you know your fans haven’t got enough of you?

UR-No, not before Nepal. It’s good because next year means new album. Wink, wink!!

DM- What’s 2011 year end looking like, production time or touring for sets?

UR-I am working hard on finishing the Tree of Life web-site (surprise). Along-with that the third studio album titled “A Light at the End of the World”.

DM- This one is for the ladies, are you single?

UR-Nope 🙂 but my love is endless.

Damn I had so much fun grilling him.

I also love the fact that Digital Om, the event company spear-headed by a sweet natured man brings to us artists of intelligence and futuristic fun. You can get your load of everything that’s going on at the Digital Om Productions fan page on, for now.

I am off to another month of dancing and prancing, may our future be full of U-Recken fun!!