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Hello munkeys…

I’ve packed up my furry boots and hoodie from Goa and leapt off to an electrifying number of days in the sun. The dancing has begun in earnest with the recently concluded Universal Religion up in the mountains of Nepal, which I am saddened to say I had to cancel on. The reports out- a fabulous festival full of color, top class music and a kick the guts line-up of djs. More power to them for future editions!!

As I bounce along to the beats news you mad hooligans is, that one of the main stays of electronic dance music for years now, has announced his retirement from djing. Danny Tenaglia… is hanging up his head phones; the world of music entertainment will miss him no doubt.

And the music goes on so without further ado, Sunburn 2012 Mumbai was of epic proportions.

The first ever edition in Mumbai brought to us by Percept gave the mother of all party boosts and immediately created major topsy-turvy fun to everyone’s life in the very heart of our favorite concrete jungle. The city had an electric buzz and an unmistakable excitement that pervaded in the air for all to feel.

The elephantine Tulip Star at Juhu stood like a long forgotten relic to host the festival in its massive fold. The 3 days were super duper fun with the line-up sagging with the weight of some of the most popular djs of the world featured at the party.


Gareth Emery, Mat Zo, Fergie, Skazi, GMS, Sultan & Ned Shepard, John Dahlback & some. The aforementioned names had a zillion peeps eating out of their hands…it was plain to see the mass brigade in full force taking to popular music as expected. The turn out of clubbers attending all 3 festival days were fabulous and an energy filled lot. To me all the main acts sounded the same to be very honest; the mixes were different. One  played a Psychedelic mix…the other a Housey one, who cares anymore.

What I cared about was the production quality of the event.

Top notch right from the lights, visuals, to the sleek looking stage areas. Sound was a bit dodgy…could be the venue space is such a way that could’ve been the reason so, it played spoil sport at some points with certain artists with certain sounds.

Fabulous visuals giant ‘Immersive’ did the honors of giving my eye balls some work-out. The nitro blasts were so much damn fun …the lights were blindingly happy go lucky. The confetti, balloons, disco police and special effects blinder- ‘Revibe’ all rolled in to one was one spectacular Sunburn.

On to the artists who made me thank god I am alive and dancing-

Arjun Vagale- Slurrpyy…I felt like I was in an aerobics class. Techno dripping Santa, if ever there was one.

Boombaba went EVP gone mad, Ankytrixx- played under his new project name ‘Firefly’, under which he will showcase Psychedelic & Progressive Trance was high octane energy & Janux all full of deep Psychedelic intensity performed indoors on Day 3- Thanks be to god for the invention of air con and the fact that all of them gave me much Psychedelic wonders to dance and run around to. Electrypnose was the one artist whose set was canned entirely due to issues at the venue, as usual cops came and stopped the party way before it’s scheduled time on the first festival evening calling it a rave. Hahaha…in British slang it really means boisterous dancing, didn’t know I had no right to.


The icing on the cake though which I did dance very boisterously to was Sanjay Dutta’s Techno candies the size of asteroids through his Afterburn set at Royalty, Bandra…post the festivities at Tulip Star. Then came Aly & Fila and he barely played  some tracks, and was promptly told to end the evening at a gob-smackingly early time of 1 a.m. I cannot believe I work hard; I pay my taxes and someone else gets to decide when my party should end or what time I should go home. Regressive as ever a society I’ve ever seen.

As we stand Mumbai is going through a lock down of sorts, parties getting busted by cops in the name of a rave. Music lovers, artists/ producers and clubbers stand shocked at the immensity with which this art and entertainment is being targeted, the  less I want to talk about it.

This once great city is saturated with corruption and we are all in the middle of the bust. I for one am not hanging my dancing shoes up and my musical heart gets brighter ever more so. I am gonna blast those speakers and rave like a beast, let’s see who is going to stop me….

Adios munkeys and not leaving before I give you sparklers this gem from the Beast from the East, the mix was aired on Frisky Radio recently. It gives me much melodic  groovy love I can get lost in to..

Download- Sanjay Dutta gets Frisky with Submerge April 2012

Toodles munkies!!
I am going insane in the membrane killing dancing flies that seem to be having far more fun than me, buzzing about in full force. I am squashed in frustration at their evident joy and my lack of musical pleasure, having attended quite a few gigs last couple of months that were much ado about nothing, really.
I am raring for that one night that’ll do my shuffling feet some justice and put me in full jog mode.

Never mind the heart burn of artists falling short of all our expectations and the vibe like burnt cinder. When I hear that Dave Seaman absolutely destroyed Butter at Goa, during the After Dark party, I feel all is well with dance music. Sublime I was told by some heavy weight artists of India, who were present to witness the seasoned carnage this legend can conjure up at will.
With super options of a myriad artists slated to perform in India as summer mischief, I am upfront and wide eyed in this New Year to face the full spectrum of dance entertainment, like never before.

Now with pleasure allow me to quote a line from a Younger Brother tune- ‘ It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon…don’t concentrate so much on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly delights’
…oh so similar to my Flavor of the month- Shiva Moon!

Do not get carried away by the baby faced devil, his sets and Dj vibe pack a powerful punch.
I bring you an up close and personal with the very talented and cracker of a Dj- Shiv Gupta whose origins are from the southern shores of India, Chennai to be exact.
I had the good fortune to be blown away by this Djs unique style and racy set one terrific night of 2010, turns out I am a big fan forever folks.

An unassuming start a decade. Whilst on a stint abroad saw him worming his way into playing at house parties for the fun of it and doing the festival, club and live acts round.
Musically inclined from the start he was irrevocably changed when he experienced legendary performers such as Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and
Basement Jaxx to name a few of the early influences, to become the musical heart in all  seriousness.
Having been bitten by the I want to make people dance bug, Shiva Moon made his way back to India to formally train himself in the techniques of the craft, getting a full blown diploma for Audio Engineering from the much respected institution of SAE, Chennai.
Shiva is foot stomping and fabulous!! He makes stupendous noise in the entire gamut of sounds ranging from Progressive- Tech House, Psychedelic, Trance to Techno dandelions; add the new focus on to hitting powerful Drum & Bass and Breaks to his repertoire. Shiva is the coolest fuzzy haired music marauder to hit the Electronic Dance horizon in India, albeit underplayed.
Having said that, I am tightening my dungarees for his sets this year alright.
Furthermore, Shiva Moon understands the entertainment scene altogether well, having been a successful label owner some years now, he has much touted associations with MMD Recs a popular company located out of Cape Town that upholds quality Trance like never before. The recent addition of tying up with Airsnare Recs keeps his hands screwed on to the best of Techno, as well.
Moon is a super honcho of a party promoter with the ‘ 9 Feet High Festival ‘ back in 2009 to the ultra spectacular editions of the massive ode to dance music with the GO: Madras festival held in Chennai, annually. The artists featuring in console action is getting diverse and tastier every year. Plenty of plans afoot for the 2011 edition is under way.
Apart from that, Shiva puts in mean guest dj appearances at many hip dance spots such as Blend, Liquid Sky, Blue Waves with a 36 hours stomper last year,
Hilltop with Sphongle, Pebbles, Pasha, Zenzi Mills to name some.

Shiva Moon ranks among the top 3 Trance acts as evident in an online poll conducted recently at
He is a top music sequencer and his sights are already on production in future, to make his musical journey as a performer par excellence an even more enhanced experience.
To top this, I have a spanking new set to share with all you munkies that gives you a tasty selection of artists like Mendo, Christian Cambas, Umek,
Oliver Schmidt, Loadster all rolled into an uptempo pounding party mix by Shiva.
Summer calling and keep moving, like I do!!

Download- Debauched Disco Killers!!

Hello munkies,

A cracking month of November has flown by, with heavy duty Dj performances as ever, in India. Time to take stock of my dancing feet, a re-gathering of energies, a sigh of contentment or not, a heave of the bosom and off I go to the mother of all months, time to make merry like no one’s looking. Before that, some quickies please.

Neuromotor is the quintessential human form of musical destruction to ones senses with his power packed performances that has not diminished a bit over the years, as was on full showcase at Blue Frog, recently.  He has been a top grader in the Psychedelic scene and a respected one at that. The name Neuromotor carries enough weight age to last us long after we are doddering dodos, right from the swift removal of garments that quite hinders him to his dancing and prancing, had the ladies panting for more I daresay, maybe some men too. Psychedelic gems were thrown pronto new and old from this old timer and everyone gasped to keep up. This time quite a few shirt buttons popped and flew off in several directions as noticeable autumn mischief….all good fun I say.

Ankytrixx did the opening set honours; as usual the monster boy of Electronic dance had it good with a furious opening set for the master man to follow. Everyone got to making moves faster than a pussycat and no one was complaining. The night was energetic and raw as Neuromotor spread his Psychedelic love smashing some old; some fresh tunes which were no euphoria, just high end pace and all helter skelter. Plus Blue Frog had a stupendous turn out holding its own. While another heavy weight act Astral Projection were performing the same evening at another hot spot in town. Reports of which are super, it was a bummer though as Astral Projection at Club Harvest, Pune was a complete wash out with many disappointed clubbers returning back wet and hungry not having gotten their dose of a could have been fantastic music tryst, as the heavens opened up buckets on the open air venue. Thanks to Ankytrixx and Jafar (BeyondLogic Records) some of us did have a stomping time at a not so complimentary venue where the same party was shifted, the energetic duo rushed us all with majestic Psychedelic cuts that more than made up for the down pour in Pune.

What did not rain on my parade at Blue Frog was Hernan Cattaneo; the Perfecto giant protégée of Paul Oakenfold no less had me engage myself with longed for Melodic Progressive much missing from club land Mumbai. Rough Acid swishing with deepening Dark grooves came relentlessly from Hernan which astonished me to a mumbling bundle of chaos. Hernan’s mixing style is almost reminiscent of Oakie himself, thankfully the comparison ends there. A Dj such as him is more suitable to play out longer sets I imagine, as a Progressive House journey has many meltdown moments and rising like the phoenix samples & bass lines. Hernan Cattaneo folks! Was Deep, Dark much brooding and definitely Progressive!

What surprised me most is the attitude of today’s clubbing generation some of whom I noticed screaming please play faster music at Hernan, chicks chattering louder than the volume and guys requesting track names on pieces of paper, what is it with that? I had to nearly be restrained from clobbering them, first they step on my toes and remain disco statuettes taking up dance floor space then they complain that they are not getting Psychedelic. I am sorry if I sound like a granny raver, but I have to cluck like a hen at the total non comprehension of club goers who can’t tell the difference of what one music style entails on to the other. I wish there was something called a disco police, I’d call for their arrest and education immediately. Hmmprhh!!

Wish all booty shaking earthlings a Merry December cause it promises to be musically yummylicious and mad fun. Me munkies hold tight!!

Time to face the future….

Till now, I was used to hailing France for the unending beauty of the Rive Gauche and the awe inspiring Champs Elysees, I’m re thinking that folks. I am in gay abandon to be stunned by another French connection far removed from their national heritage, but from France alright.

Introducing Luc Achintre; a devil of a Dj in the guise of a lamb. One half of the hugely respected Psychedelic act Digital Talk! The act comprises of two childhood friends the other being Julien Fougea. The hugely talented duo are celebrated and have gone on to create a storm in the Psy Trance world since 2002, giving their music direction to electronic music events at countries like Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia and India.

Digital Talk was brought to us by Smirnoff Nightlife at Blue Frog; the venue doesn’t stop at being right on top of their game with nights like this. Opening sets featured Overtonez (Hybrid UV) and Fibre Stomp.

I am ecstatic to mention here, considering clubs in India are much behind times in this aspect that Hybrid UV over seer Karun Dutta (UK & India) is making a stomping entry into the dance arenas with fantastic club décor. To get a load on for bookings and the goodies he provides for events and festivals please visit

To get back to the night in question, Luc got ahold of the console and gave us dance munkies a treat or two. Gigantic hard Psychedelic tunes were on display, the quiet class of a superior artist showed up in spades that didn’t abate a second. Luc got us jumping from the beginning to the damn end. If ever I needed an oxygen cylinder it was that time. We were a mesmerized lot of clubbers who could only try to comprehend the dance bombs he threw at us. Productions of Digital Talk were swiftly served to us hot and heavy alongside featuring explosive artists such as Phatmatix, Lost & Found. Me think’s gems really….all darkish and bouncy to the end. I was one of the last ones to get off the floor and I like that feeling for a change. A special mention to a bomb Luc dropped as his closing track Punchline/ New Reality, sent me right off the hook- it was dope! I am really agape in excitement and wanting to get my hands on Digital Talk’s second album- Audio Extremists, scheduled to release sometime this year on Hadra Records. It promises to cause some serious floor damage with its alien frequencies and booming bass lines. It was a sublime night of top djing along with top dancing!!

On to another Psychedelic Dj closer to home, just happens to be one of my favorite baby faced earthling in recent times- Shiva Moon…the southern sensation is reaping huge rewards with his GO:Madras festival; Chennai’s very own Electronic Music mammoth, held yearly and with a talented number of artists in the lineup.

So with an edition that was successful and musically fulfilling for all that attended, I only thought it’s cracking and as a gesture of full respect to the Moon boy, to give to all you dance heads a rush of a set by the man himself that makes me monkey around and how….This mix is on top of my list.

Chop chop and off you go to Shiva Moon’s mix magic…Till next time!

Monsoon Monsters SET.


Helloooo dance heads…

I have high hopes for the year even though I’ve witnessed some trashy gigs most of the way to 2010.  We are on our way out to ushering in a spanking season of euphoric song & dance.

I am quivering with joy at being part of several beastly nights of fun and frolic. The parties worthy of mention is few, still I want to share with everyone the djs that turned out to be sparklers right when I thought all is dark and devoid of musical heaven.

The Hits:

Sophie Sugar at Blue Frog– the Gatecrasher party; boy was she was a revelation and she smacked me to a bundle of happy hippie….Sophie is definitely the epitome of urban dance dynamite. Just when I thought Trance is getting cheesy and hard to understand, there comes the first lady of Trance as she is fondly known, and goes on to demolish my brains. I went on to hear the best of Uplifting & Euphoric Trance in a long time now.

Sophie, easily gate-crashed my mind and sugar coated my soul with top class mixing (believe you me, never heard a Dj mix so flawlessly) and impeccable tracks selection, turning the night out to being incredible entertainment.

Top tunes one after the other showed up her class as one of the most exciting Dj/ Producers in the world of Trance. Truly, a night to remember!

LTJ Bukem at Blue Frog– the “Logical Progression” giant is the most prolific Drum & Bass musician of our time and I so had the good fortune to make it for this one….he along with MC Conrad on the mike, gave me a million goose bumps…and what warmed the cockles of my heart was watching LTJ actually cooking up a storm on vinyl.

Gentle break-beats laced with vintage Acid Jazz, a mix of the rarest of groovy Techno, accompanied by MC Conrad’s  Soul/ Funk vocals; and my heart was lifted to a cloud of atmospheric raspy Rap and Dance progression.

British rap star MC Conrad has collaborated with LTJ Bukem for the last couple of decades and I can’t begin to explain the joy at having heard these two great artists in tandem to create a unique musical concept, untouched.

Ankytrixx at China House, Birthday Tour– I have screamed myself hoarse about how good this artist is. Ankytrixx can get the dead to dance such is the sheer power of this Tech- Progressive House specialist. Part of his Birthday Tour, the night turned out to be fun fun fun as it was a banger from the word go.

The Lounge cum bar erupted into a space of happy shiny people only interested in making moves and it was fantastic to watch the usual socializing watering hole turn into a dancing battle field. I believe China House is coming up with a spate of Electronic Dance nights, featuring quite a heavy weight lineup of artists. My word!

The Misses:

Audiojack at Blue Frogthe duo from Leeds didn’t match up to any kinda musical vibe, for me. They played their set for themselves and the music had no direction and neither did we. As I know they are highly respected and their dance floor appeal that I had been told about was really, at an all time zero.

I’m afraid I didn’t see anything in their music they played, that would make me want to get up and dance, I shall stick to giving my ears to their productions from hereon.

Think I can understand their appeal, which may have come from having played to layered audiences who couldn’t be bothered with what comes out of the speakers.

I for one cannot take gibberish being thrown at us, it insults all our musical intelligence too much, munkies.

YAHEL at Smokie’s Bar, Pune–  I became an instant fan when I heard the cutting edge mix of ‘Butterfly’ by Yahel many moons ago. I delighted in catching up with his show for the 3rd time in as many years, but guess what? It turned out to be a shocker and I can only call it a non growth of a performing artist, very much in the scene as a celebrated Dj.

I am frustrated as I’ve been a die hard follower a decade now, of the Dj- Producer in question. I have fallen in love with many of his productions that are of fine quality.

Having said that, I cannot digest his lack of mixing skills even after so many years of playing, music selection that is puke provokingly unintelligent and may I add traveling some hundred miles to hear him dish out Are you Ready by Anti-Funky got my blood boiling to a stew..

I know a whole load of people have gone into fits of delight singing how good Yahel is hehehhe it’s absolutely no crime to be a fan of his…

I’d much rather put a cd compilation of Goliath on, to go down memory lane and sample some of the tracks that Yahel is still playing.

Full marks to Beyond Logic Records though, for the artists they have planned to bring in for the rest of the year and for choosing Ankytrixx at opening and closing sets for the night.

The Corinthians Club is a fabulous venue, but to put two Psychedelic acts at a brewery situated inside the grounds with horrendous sound and a console covered in satiny green cloth, takes guts. What was nice to see; a huge number of good looking clubbers out in full force.

September is full of promise, and I think I am going to brave it out to some big names coming, no matter.

Give me strength my munkies….