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Hello munkeys…

I’ve packed up my furry boots and hoodie from Goa and leapt off to an electrifying number of days in the sun. The dancing has begun in earnest with the recently concluded Universal Religion up in the mountains of Nepal, which I am saddened to say I had to cancel on. The reports out- a fabulous festival full of color, top class music and a kick the guts line-up of djs. More power to them for future editions!!

As I bounce along to the beats news you mad hooligans is, that one of the main stays of electronic dance music for years now, has announced his retirement from djing. Danny Tenaglia… is hanging up his head phones; the world of music entertainment will miss him no doubt.

And the music goes on so without further ado, Sunburn 2012 Mumbai was of epic proportions.

The first ever edition in Mumbai brought to us by Percept gave the mother of all party boosts and immediately created major topsy-turvy fun to everyone’s life in the very heart of our favorite concrete jungle. The city had an electric buzz and an unmistakable excitement that pervaded in the air for all to feel.

The elephantine Tulip Star at Juhu stood like a long forgotten relic to host the festival in its massive fold. The 3 days were super duper fun with the line-up sagging with the weight of some of the most popular djs of the world featured at the party.


Gareth Emery, Mat Zo, Fergie, Skazi, GMS, Sultan & Ned Shepard, John Dahlback & some. The aforementioned names had a zillion peeps eating out of their hands…it was plain to see the mass brigade in full force taking to popular music as expected. The turn out of clubbers attending all 3 festival days were fabulous and an energy filled lot. To me all the main acts sounded the same to be very honest; the mixes were different. One  played a Psychedelic mix…the other a Housey one, who cares anymore.

What I cared about was the production quality of the event.

Top notch right from the lights, visuals, to the sleek looking stage areas. Sound was a bit dodgy…could be the venue space is such a way that could’ve been the reason so, it played spoil sport at some points with certain artists with certain sounds.

Fabulous visuals giant ‘Immersive’ did the honors of giving my eye balls some work-out. The nitro blasts were so much damn fun …the lights were blindingly happy go lucky. The confetti, balloons, disco police and special effects blinder- ‘Revibe’ all rolled in to one was one spectacular Sunburn.

On to the artists who made me thank god I am alive and dancing-

Arjun Vagale- Slurrpyy…I felt like I was in an aerobics class. Techno dripping Santa, if ever there was one.

Boombaba went EVP gone mad, Ankytrixx- played under his new project name ‘Firefly’, under which he will showcase Psychedelic & Progressive Trance was high octane energy & Janux all full of deep Psychedelic intensity performed indoors on Day 3- Thanks be to god for the invention of air con and the fact that all of them gave me much Psychedelic wonders to dance and run around to. Electrypnose was the one artist whose set was canned entirely due to issues at the venue, as usual cops came and stopped the party way before it’s scheduled time on the first festival evening calling it a rave. Hahaha…in British slang it really means boisterous dancing, didn’t know I had no right to.


The icing on the cake though which I did dance very boisterously to was Sanjay Dutta’s Techno candies the size of asteroids through his Afterburn set at Royalty, Bandra…post the festivities at Tulip Star. Then came Aly & Fila and he barely played  some tracks, and was promptly told to end the evening at a gob-smackingly early time of 1 a.m. I cannot believe I work hard; I pay my taxes and someone else gets to decide when my party should end or what time I should go home. Regressive as ever a society I’ve ever seen.

As we stand Mumbai is going through a lock down of sorts, parties getting busted by cops in the name of a rave. Music lovers, artists/ producers and clubbers stand shocked at the immensity with which this art and entertainment is being targeted, the  less I want to talk about it.

This once great city is saturated with corruption and we are all in the middle of the bust. I for one am not hanging my dancing shoes up and my musical heart gets brighter ever more so. I am gonna blast those speakers and rave like a beast, let’s see who is going to stop me….

Adios munkeys and not leaving before I give you sparklers this gem from the Beast from the East, the mix was aired on Frisky Radio recently. It gives me much melodic  groovy love I can get lost in to..

Download- Sanjay Dutta gets Frisky with Submerge April 2012


Seasons Greetings my dance munkies!!

Reboot, recharge, rejuvenate was the order of the day and I took it with gusto. I did go on a dance rampage at quite a few gigs in town and out prior to that.

2010 has been awesome musically and shockingly mediocre on the other hand, some fabulous Dj sets made my dancing feet stomp, I am going to leave the bad ones as no mention hahhaa!!

As is the calling in December, everyone worth their salt is in Goa and I can really do without writing about all the fantastic Djs such as Ankytrixx, Sanjay Dutta, Boombaba, Shiva Moon close from home on to the international greats like Dave Seaman, Paul Van Dyk, Funkagenda, John 00 Fleming, Riktam & Bansi to name a few all putting in guest dj sets at Asia’s biggest dance music festival Sunburn. I know that, all you party hearties are experiencing all these myriad artists first hand. The After Dark sessions and Sundown on the beach at Zanzibar lineup of Djs is spankingly yummy, as well. Dash all this up with power packed parties at Morjim with the Rebel Alliance goodness of Hux Flux, Fibre Stomp, Mubali, AFM and more and we are ready to usher in the New Year crazy bad.

Lots to get hopping with.

So there we are facing a brand new year that matters and hope to god that it turns out to be a smashing one musically and dance time gets even better.

I leave you with loads of love for all the support and fun that I have received for my writings, obviously it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t get any of that from all you that have stomped next to me as hard as I have in the past year.

See you brave hearts on the other side, with ramblings and much Trancing and dancing of many of the parties to come.

A very Happily Dancing New Year to each of you.

The goodie bag section has a mammoth mixed set by Helium Project that should keep you dancing some more and well into the New Year…

Cheerioooo munkies & All Hail Electronic Dance Music!

DOS by Helium